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Good morning. And if you look at this, or if you watch just the commercials, and we're talking the extreme extreme commercials for President Trump and Joe Biden, you would think this is nothing but a race of fascism, Facet, fascism versus communism, and that's it. Oh, there's no doubt and if you add to that social media blitz is by Russia, China, Iran. Feeling the fire whatever bit. They're going after it. Whether it's guns, your guns, you're going to get seized. Biden gets elected and on and on and on. Now created in effect such a fever pitch between the left and the right. They obviously are not talking to each other and the big, big problem. Jennifer is they basically have dehumanized each other, which is scary, because basically then they believe it's either my way or the highway. And if, for example, President Trump loses The right is going to go crazy and say it was legitimate and he'll probably go crazy, too. And who knows what they may do? I mean, the concern is a lot of unrest in particular communities. And you know if the police or are the police Really geared up to deal with it. My guess is in some places. The answer is no. And that's very scary. And even if you look back at Thebes, Emma Craddick convention and the Republican convention every night I watch those almost cover to cover every single night. And when I would turn the TV off in the evening, I would think to myself The world is going to be a scary place. If the Republicans get her elected or the world's going to be a scary place if the Democrats get elected. Oh, my God, What are we in for? Right, And that's that's that's what we've created. Collectively is this attitude that it's almost like We're at war and the president is that is a more president, where decisions you know, can Big time effect population or country And, of course, we're not there and this is not a war, but we created that level of fever pitch, and there's a lot of concern of people who do what I do. That things could get really messy after November 3rd and it really doesn't matter on either side, right? Correct. I mean, they both have dug in. Um I mean, if you if you look, historically, I read a study recently that look that 1994 or two 2020 and 60% of attacks were done by people on the right. And and 90% 10 since January. So clue the right is more attack prone. But you know who knows if in fact the president Winds or claims victory. You're goingto see and tifa and a large number of other groups. Big time reactive that. How do we get past this? Is there a way to get past? This is their way too blunt this prior to the election. I don't think so. I think that that is now so high and people are so mad and let's face it. Some politicians are stoking them up. To the fever pitch. That until we get to the other side of this, and perhaps things will slow down and maybe they won't and then a lot of people are scared as to what the president might do if he gets reelected. It doesn't have to get reelected again. I mean, that could be good. That could be bad. I guess it depends on your perspective, obviously, but, um, big concerns. I think to go to your point. No matter who wins. It's going to be a bunch of angry people. I'm glad you said, too about the politicians sort of stoking this because that's the one other thing that I would watch in the evening and I remember first watching the Democrats in getting done with that and thinking, Oh, my gosh, The the way that things were presented were so you know, we're all going to die. It's just going to be the worst thing ever in the vitriol. Room, which some of the perspectives were done and then watching the Republican convention. It wasn't any better it was. It's the it's the anger. It's the I don't know the seething that one side has for the other bit. When you're watching these things, you almost feel like you have to choose one side or the other for your own safety or something. It's really weird that the way it makes you feel internally. And the number of people Jennifer that air purchasing firearms. They've never had firearms. You didn't grow up with firearms. I mean, I have people approached me knowing my background, saying working, they get trained. What happened in the yesterday because they're scared. Um, And so we have basically created a monster than my view by this approach and attitude, and that at some point We're going to have to talk to each other have like with the other side and saying that that's what this is all about. You and I may not have to agree. Jennifer Walk three idea that you could walk away and go have a beer together. The way they should be. All right. We'll meet you for a beer. You tell me when and where I'll be red. Hey, See you later. Thanks So much for your perspective. Take care. See you later. That is a B C's Brad Garrett, and he's so right. I can tell you. I have I have friends who are Bernie Sanders supporters. Dear dear dear dear friends who are who are queuing on supporters? And I love them both dearly..

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