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The HOUSEHELP polly Thomson ends health began to deteriorate and nineteen fifteen. So polly started taking care of Helen. When she was in her mid Thirties Helen secret love affair with a finger spelling specialist sent to her home to be with her when an fell ill, she even tried to Elope with him and got secretly engaged the affair ended soon after when Helen moved in with her mother in Alabama after her father's death. And died in the year nineteen, thirty, six with Helen by her side after Ann's death, the household help poly became Helen's companion. They both traveled the world together and raised money to help blind people polly died in the year nineteen sixty and Helen was left with a nurse who was originally hired to look after Paulie. She remained with Helen until her death in the year nineteen, sixty eight. Books lectures. Helen authored a total of twelve books and many articles at the age of twenty two helen published her autobiography, the story of my life with the help van. She toured thirty five countries to raise awareness about causes. He was passionate about. The Helen Keller Foundation was founded in the year nineteen fifteen for research and charitable purposes. Helen felt strongly about the causes she supported and was a staunch supporter of the working class. She traveled to many countries to motivate deaf and blind people and became a favourite of the masses. Contribution to the world. Before Helen's time blind and deaf people were considered a burden for the family. They were treated harshly and sent to live in asylums where the living conditions were terrible. Nobody thought that they could contribute anything to society. But Helen Keller changed all that she proved to the world that when provided with proper guidance and support blind and deaf people can accomplish great things. This not only motivated blind and deaf people, but also taught others to treat them better. During Helen's time four systems were used to teach visually impaired to read and write this caused confusion and difficulty when blind people wanted to communicate with each other due to Helen's continued efforts in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, two, Braille was made the standard system to teach blind people this made it easy for blind people to communicate with each other she traveled to different countries to help. Visually challenge people her visits created real improvements in the form of more Braille books, better educational opportunities, and job training for the blind. These improvements have helped blind people to integrate with society. She also pushed the US government to provide more assistance to the blind her fundraising campaigns for the American Foundation for the blind continue to help blind people get proper education were training and live independently. Helen. Also supported birth control and was against military intervention. She joined the famous International Labor Union called industrial workers of the world she wrote for them from Nineteen, sixteen to nineteen eighteen highlighting workers, plights, and the greed of their employer's. Political ideology. was a radical socialist who opposed Woodrow Wilson, and favored leftist political ideologies. She was a member of the socialist. Party and spread awareness through her writings on the rights of women in the impacts of war. She met twelve US presidents. Helen even wrote a series of essays on socialism called out of the dark. Death. Then, her last year's Helen was mostly confined to her home. After suffering a series of strokes, she continued to raise awareness through the American Foundation for the Blind Helen continued to raise funds for them to on I nine hundred and sixty eight. She passed away peacefully in her sleep at her home in Connecticut. Bonders. The hospital in Alabama. The Helen Keller Hospital is dedicated to Helen Alabama honored her by issuing a coin in Braille in her name. Helen. Keller is also inducted in the National Women's hall, of Fame and Alabama women's hall of fame. She was one of the inaugural inductees in the Alabama Writers Hall of fame as well. Various movies and television series were made on Helen's life and we're loosely based on her autobiography. The Bollywood movie black was based on her life. Fact. You probably didn't know. Helen Keller and mark. Twain. Were good friends. They were both radical socialists. It was Mark Twain who gave an Sullivan the name neural worker. Helen's family got a whiff of her affair with her male secretary and those days people believed that if a parent is disabled, the child will be born with the same disability to so her family forbade the two of them to marry because of her disabilities Helen said that the first thing she would do if she could see would be to get married. She introduced the US to the dog breed Akita which was gifted to her when she toured Japan. She won an Oscar for her documentary Helen Keller in her story. Helen was an excellent typist and could type very fast in both standard typewriter and Braille. Typewriter. Due to her radical political views the F. B. I. Track Helen's relationships and activity for almost thirty years. We hope that this podcast helped you learn about Helen Keller for struggles and her achievements whenever you think your life gets out of hand remember what Helen said. Although the world is full of suffering. It is also full of the overcoming of it. This podcast was created by with Zoro, a learning APP for your entire family to read interesting articles or listen to interesting audios on finance health history life stories, and science download our APP from apple and Google play stores are APP is fell W I s you are you.

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