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Conspiracy theories of the week today were diving deeper yet into season to episode, two reunion. I am joined by the ringers mica Peters. And as always that drone host the keeps creeping up on you from behind Danny hyphen. How are you guys doing this week? I am doing, you know, I'm not sure how I'm doing. I. I can't answer that question. Truthfully. I don't think very my head is in. I don't know. I'm in shambles right. This was we talked about this episode already, but this was this was a weird head space episode of Westworld young Daniel. How are you doing man? I'm great. So. Simple easy to remember as people who is in the podcast may know for my rush introduction, we record every week before the show comes out. So when we were in the planning phases, it made a lot of sense to do it. A second brief, very quick episode of the show just to acknowledge one, everything that we got wrong, because either we weren't paying attention or we didn't have the benefit of everybody else on the internet. Backing us up and to to really play around and get in the sandbox with the rest of the internet of all the conspiracy theories and fantasies and everything else that people think is happening. You know. Trying to find that grand unified theory and we're just trying to find it with you or whatever. You know, I'm glad you guys you here with me to help me talk. All right, first things first. I guess we got something wrong. I never listen to my own podcast, but it just got something wrong. I don't know. I was silent and I let it happen. I think it was on and Herman, thank you for coming on the show Allison, but we were going back through online this week. So previous episode we were going back through the the Arnold time line and the Delo timeline prior to Westworld opening trying to get everything in chronological order. And we, there was some question as to whether or not Arnold is still alive, win, WIlliam and Logan were traipsing through the park and season one. The correct answer is that he was dead and they mentioned one of the creators dying in season one, which of course we should have gone, right? Yeah. So the time line, the best the will now that we know is that we see the flashbacks from the beginning of episode, two season to where Ford and Arnold a building those hosts. And flashback begins in Ford and Arnold pitch Logan by having Angela invite him to the cocktail party that quickly turns into an orgy and then was a great business Mitch, and then Logan through Delo chooses to invest in Westworld prey. Then Arnold and Ford or working on the host and work on the host. And all those flashbacks from one happened, Arnold leaves the Lewis's alive. He tries to convince for it not to open the park. He merges Deloris with Wyatt, and then that massacre happens the end of season one where Arnold dies. Then for opens Westworld anyway, he buries the town of Ascalon Tei we're all Arnold was killed underneath a bunch of dirt and then the up the events of season. What happened with this flashbacks where young, WIlliam and Logan visit the park. Right. Okay. Well, now we know that was very helpful. That was really good. Can you? Can you make some sort of a diagram that we carry around. Does actually shout out the person who did in fact make that which is a rumble with a personality, Simone, seavy on read it. Thank you TV. Speaking of read it, this is what I really wanted to get together to talk about. I have been last season. I was so deep end on Westworld, right at I, I'm embarrassed to talk about it or not. I shouldn't be embarrassed on this podcast. I was embarrassing my real life to tell people about it this season. One of the things about doing a west row podcast is like, I'm sort of done at like two o'clock on Friday with my Westworld week and it doesn't, and and I don't have that like the same. I'm not watching it on Sunday night, so I'm not just going to meet leader, read it to saying what people are saying. It's a different schedule and I miss it deeply. I know you Danny are still heavily invested in Westworld right at and all of the various corners of the Westworld internet. So I'm coming to you now with this special plea. Tell me what the crazy people on the internet or talking about, are you sure you want to make sure that they're crazy because I. Oh, that they're not, but I am sure that I wanna know what people are saying. Okay, well, there's a lot here so we can start thirty guys a couple ones. And then we have one. We really got do deep dive on, but really everything kind of revolves around BernarD. The first one I floated in our last discussion for episode to about, we'll go a little more to it. Basically it's about how everyone a Delo strand. Charlotte hail everyone. There knows that Bernardus host. Right that he memory is corrupted. They can't just cut his head open and pull out his his memory and see what happens. Over and over through that cycle on the beach so that they can figure out what happened last two weeks to try and get information out of him. Now that came from a couple of things. Basically, you just found this guy who's the head of your company just lying Shenoy pay. You need like like ice back to something, nothing. And then you thought it was kind of weird how nobody asked any questions about. I know les Nonni K nobody was like, are you cool. What you've been at? You know what? That would be a good place to start. Yeah. And then if you and then even just that scene, there's some irregularities with like the hosts who are getting shot on the beach, like the kind of keeps shooting them. It seems like it might just be a production error, but there's some Continuity IRA there with like, who's there and who's lying down in what order. They get shot and stuff, which might be production error with very intentional. Is that BernarD finishes strengths sentence, they say at the same time, less than ideal and strands a little bit like not weirded out the finish the sentence. Okay. That's really weird. So people will, why is this happening? And the and one theory is that they know his host and they're trying to just running him through like groundhog day. Okay. Does this but you, you said last week, did this goes deep? But what's I mean? Charlotte's involvement? Yes. So the other, the twin to this is that Charlotte would also know and the twin to these. It should be said that it's kind of weird that like one of the senior people in the company is missing. Well, we'll do that. He is a robot also, but it's also we're ready to even to go to go back to even before the catastrophe. Like it's one thing if there it's one thing if BernarD has just hang, it's eighty. Basically, he's like if his function is Ford's assistant and nobody really asked me questions because it's like, you know, he's just Ford's dude. But if he's a senior, he's like, you know, borderline exac at Westworld. It makes sense that like Charlotte HALE would probably know he was a robot. Yeah. I mean like, but also just in general, like I'm just wondering about the living memory of the of of the place that you know, like right memories of fickle thing and organizations with high turnover. I'm just saying that like it's okay. All right. Relax with your sperry's. All right. What I'm saying is that I mean, if you're if you're having company or whatever, and you have like a picture of, you know, like Ford and Arnold on his desk at all time. Yes, that is weird that no, it ever brings. No one. You think. You think severance to ask for the question, they just assume it's BernarD, but me super weird if I had a photo of like me and Danny on my desk. Yeah, actually, it would be pretty stretch it main Danny at the Yankees game just taken in some baseball. That would be strange wars ago and you're doing to the back to the theory. The theory is that if Charlotte knows than that explains what so if Charlotte knows that would explain a few things, one of which was in that first episode where Bernard's like frantically trying to fix himself without her figuring out in the she's known the whole time. The other part and aspect there is the one of the leading there, the robot, disembodied, whatever voice things reading off all the issues wrong with him with his body and Weiss failing. One of them is the, it's believed him as Fanta fantas majoria something. I'm not a doctor scientists, but it's the inability to see faces. And one theory is because we know from the trailers and some things that there are actually some other BernarD hosts out there that those skin. Anlysts weird, demon host are actually all other copies of BernarD, their clones of him, but he can't see them because like he's still like an army of BernarD. Armie door in season. One like thank something if something is befuddling to a host, it's basically invisible or it's some weirdness. MIR prospect nausea as the face blind is the word for face fineness according to all right. That no, here's no to poke the hole in it. I think that the whole thing rests on because people caught the continuity error in the very first scene or sorry, the center and killing the. Yeah, the the host. And I think it's genuinely Continuity. IRA dump from New York, but it just keeps going. I don't believe that there's a better one than I do believe and let me just say anything. I said this last week, but the but part to the Charlotte hail part is not necessarily those two things are not necessarily dependent on one another. No, no. They could just be that like strand figured out that he's a host because he's been dead on the beach, and they tried to read his brain like he did with the native American and they said, let's no, but and they got to the same place. All right, cool. There are other theories that you like better? Well, there's one that connects this. So one of the other ones which I did not mention, but one of the other pillars of that theories that BernarD in that timeline on the beach in the future, two weeks in the future does not have a scar on his temple and the other ones does that scars from the end of season. When four days. And he has a scar he does not have that scar on the beach two weeks later what he does not have right.

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