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Is wide spread. So we know currently of fourty compromised high value targets, especially government agencies, but there might be as many as 18,000 targets is actually really hard to get the specific number but a fair a fair amount of target that cyber security specialist Thomas rid of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, here's top Senate Intelligence Committee Democrat Mark Warner. We have narrowed this Two companies and agencies that we know the bad guys got in, but they got in and they were in for a long time. So they're very deep. It may be ongoing. We have not discovered How we will ferret them fully out. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that this looks like the cyber attack was mounted by Russia. President Trump yesterday challenged the conclusion and says that it may have been China. The government's operation. Warp speed is on track to ship 20 million Corona virus vaccine doses by the end of the year as MPR's Selena Simmons Duffin tells us the second government approved vaccine. This one produced by Moderna is now shipping having to vaccines and distribution is going to give a big boost to the effort to get lots of people vaccinated and help Slow the spread of the virus and ultimately end the pandemic. And Madonna's vaccine is also easier to handle than the fighter by on tech vaccine that we were talking about last week. It is kept at regular freezer temperatures, and it comes in smaller shipments, which helps with planning. NPR's Selena Simmons Duffin. British police are putting more officers at train stations and on highways to enforce a Christmas coronavirus lockdown in London and the East and south east of England. NPR's frank Langfitt reports. Police are being deployed after thousands fled the British capital Saturday, risking further spread of the virus. People flooded London train stations to beat the lockdowns Midnight Saturday deadline. So they can spend Christmas with family members and other parts of the country. UK Health Secretary Matt Handcock expressed anger on the BBC. There's scenes were totally irresponsible on do you know the best gift that you could give somebody this Christmas? Is to stay at home and not transmit the virus. Officials say the spike in cases here is driven by a new, much more infectious strain of the virus. Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium have responded by announcing plans to hold flights in and out of the UK Frank Langfitt. NPR NEWS London This is NPR. Live from KQED news. I'm Queen A Kim. While Congress looks like it's poised to pass $900 billion in Corona virus relief aid still left out of the package. Any direct funding for states and cities. John Dunbar is the mayor of Yonville and the past president of the League of California Cities. He says he's frustrated with the lack of support. We've lost significant revenue as well as had Significant, unplanned expenses and not just related to the Corona virus pandemic. But here in California, we've had the worst wildfire year on record and over four million acres were burned and During all of that time, our businesses were also struggling. Republicans have resisted the direct funding, claiming many states are financially mismanaged. If you were hoping to make a last minute run to the Apple store for holiday gifts, you're out of luck. The cappuccino..

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