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How's your team shape. And i was doing some sharon on the old. Social media sean. We were work. Were coming around again. I'm running back running back. And i see people might think like whoa. Now you're putting yourself in a tough position here. Bit of a running back dead period. I don't know about that. I see plenty of wide. Receivers don't mind grabbing here. One big left. I certainly have to go wide receiver wide receiver and again for the first guy cooper cup going this. This seems like a signal. Why would i take robert woods. Your show yeah. I mean robert woods in that offense. It's pretty easy to make a case for him and why he's worried snagging and again if i'm gonna walk away with kind of a wide receiver one wide receiver one b with a robert woods and someone else from another high high powered offense. That's okay. I feel pretty good about that ryan you know. I got running back receiver and tight end. I really can go. Bpa i'm not gonna take another tight end until the last couple rounds so i'm just gonna look at running back receiver. Maybe i get a mile sanders in the fourth round. I wouldn't be upset at that. Aren't getting some questions. Tyler boy salad receiver one kramer. Where yet on that. I mean i love getting him where he's going. I certainly wouldn't. I wouldn't mind getting him. Over a chason higgins for value. Like getting him in the seventh round while tyler lockett was a consideration for me going in the late third john. We're seeing it happen. People are starting to catch the catch the buzz. They're starting to see. Hey lock it maybe a little undervalued compared to metcalf So i don't mind that they're either. I'm up in another couple of pick sean. I have the fifth tickets around duo. Now both a tampa bay receivers are gone. Godwin mike evans. Who i mean. We're both i think are pretty solid this late the andrea swift to again. We want no part of. We're all aboard the jamaal williams height train. Let's go and speaking a hike. How about quiz watkins. Hopefully you put chris walk ins and your dfs lineup explosive. Start to the preseason quiz watkins. I will be drafting in his best ball league. What round yet to be determined but trust me. I'm going to be getting some because watkins. David montgomery goes patrick. Mahomes goes david. Montgomery i love david. Montgomery i know. He doesn't have the pass catching role as some of these earlier. Guys but kramer. You gave out different. Montgomery to lead the league in rushing yards at thirty to one. I love that. I think they're going to pound the rock and david montgomery as your second running back. I i think that's a real steel. And i'm gonna go early on again. Ri- wanna. I wanted to walk away with a couple guys who could be number ones on their team. So i'm going to robbie anderson ahead of dj more. I do think it's important to remember that. Ravi anderson likes sam darnold. Sam darnold likes robbie anderson. There's some chemistry there and honestly like if you look at the way. Dj more gets used. You know. I do wonder if that initial chemistry is going to hurt his usage plus while he might run some of the more boring routes for carolina. Do think grabby anderson higher. I think he's going to have a higher target share this year. I think he's going to have a higher target share. And i also think he's going to be more used around the red zone so I'll take him over. Dj or ten times out of ten. Indeed yeah.

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