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Know being much more on on the order side of the spectrum of order and liberty that the conservative movement is always Jostling at different equilibrium points on and It's sort of led to me being very activated around the time of the two thousand sixteen election to support the more populous nationals agenda that president trump ran and won in those years. You don't like to use the populist word right. No i'm not the biggest fan of it. Why because. I think that there are a it comes down to what i think. The responsibility of leaders should be the responsibility of leaders. Should be to be good to be patriotic to noble elites that that look for the best for the people And that's sometimes as popular. Sometimes it's not right. I mean is it. Is it populist. Circa two thousand fifteen for president trump to run on a trade protection platform when the the broad populist. The republican party yet support that right leadership is built in to governing and leading people On policy issues that matter on that are in their best interest is part and parcel of that you don't get from eighty percent You know supporting free trade in the republican party to eighty percent not supporting free trade in the republican party on populism alone you get it on advocating for an agenda that is in their interest in the national interest. I think that's part of the area. Where i get a little confused with sort of your factions view of responsibility to the people that there is a duty of the elite. The people here in washington to do what is best for the people but also not always follow public opinion right off the cliff right like if the people don't know what is in their best interest or if the people believe that steel tariffs will actually be good for them but it ends up resulting in seventy five to one hundred and seventy five thousand jobs being lost and more steel mills being closed. I would think that it is then. The responsibility of the populist nationalist should be like i know you think foreign imports or the problem here but we are not going to levy tariffs you kind of get where i'm coming from on that. Think entirely fair if it's an evidence but it's not necessarily right and i think that they're sort of a tripartite set of issues that i think. Distinguished president trump when he first ran in twenty fifteen from the rest of the field Foreign policy ending endless wars Immigration and trade and maybe more broadly considered economic nationalism. Right Each of those issues had a consensus opinion in sort of liberal international circles that was at varying degrees proven wrong You know the idea that you would see low. Low end wage increases for the first time a half century Because of the policies of of of a restrictive trade of restrictive immigration regime would have been contra everything that was coming out of the elite circles. It's always a balancing act right. that's why it can't be the rule that whatever is popular is good. Whatever is good as popular but I i think it does involve looking beyond the very narrow consensus on what is even political question. To begin with that exists in washington. Dc yeah kind. One of those. Those intersections crossroads where public opinion. Maybe what is good for people and then what is right..

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