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The alleged teen shooter sister parents and a family friend our investigation has revealed that those gunshots occurred at close range the victims were not all the same room at the time of the shooting according to crummy cioni he says they'll act sooner than later to attempt to get the teen tried asthma adult a man in his sixties was found dead after a fire ripped through his home in point pleasant burrow the ocean county prosecutor's office says the fire began some time before two a m at the house i'm rich he'll drive multiple firecrews battled the flames under bitter cold conditions the investigation continues president trump is boasting that he has a bigger and more powerful nuclear button then north korean leader kim jonghoon does the president's tweets comes in response to kim's new year's address in which he repeated the fiery nuclear threats against the us and said he had a nuclear button on his office desk trump doesn't actually have a physical nuclear button it's now officially illegal to smoke on the board walk in wildwood a north wildwood nj dot com says the city's passed a law last year it took effect new year's day potential fines were smoking on the board walk in north wildwood is two hundred fifty dollars in wildwood it's up to a awesome bucks or ninety days in jail this cold spell in new jersey is not even close to a record for the longest period of subfreezing temps in the state so says dave robinson this day climatologists at rutgers he also says only only gonna end up about two degrees below average because we have a lot of warm weather the first week of the month and the week before christmas he says we would have to say this call for more to for twelve days or more to get in the top ten coldest weather runs in new jersey history meantime the.

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