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And of course, the. The winter season drawing to a close at Gulfstream. So we've got a lot to do on that front little concerned little bit. You can't you can't predict any weather down here because it rainstorms come rolling in. And they they seemed isolate themselves sort of like in in little Abner. Right. The the one character little Abner that that the cloud follows that. That's basically what what goes on down. Here. I you'll you'll find you drive on the turnpike case and you can see off in the distance. You'll see a black cloud where you could see the rain sheeting down. That's what you get here. It's weird. So there's there's like a forty percent chance tomorrow, I guess of passing rain in Hallandale. So we'll see. But I mean, it's not like, you know, it's not like we're completely. We concerned on that front. But it it's been a couple of days a little blustery and there's been there's been that kind of storm actions. You really don't know. But we're not gonna worry about it. Gulfstream did get hit yesterday. They had had rain enough to take races off the turf, they had had those kinds of showers. So you know, what I mean if you were playing yesterday, and it kind of. When that happens. It's annoying. Let's just keep it at that. But today the racing action starts at Gulfstream with a couple of graded stakes and one the one St. we talked about with with Todd Pletcher. When we had the opportunity that biblical and Marconi competing in the skip away. Where rocketry makes a seasonal debut for centennial and Jimmy jerkins Peniel centennial bought I didn't think I mentioned that they bought an like a five hundred thousand dollar two year old at the sale forget what the pedigree was that raise? The skip away goes the eighth and the ninth tenth eleventh makeup. A pretty good pick for it ends with a maiden twenty. But the other two stakes on the day, the Appleton and the orchid, and maybe I'll get Mike Welsh later to give a quick glance at it. Hawkish makes return in here for Jimmy toner that in the Appleton going the mile on the grass great to get hawkish back, Dr Mountie for sug- if feels like the two of them are the the major players I. You know, I'm a fan of Louis or tens and uncle be ten to one might be the fun horse to utilize with the with the two obvious. Major players George dream.

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