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Cbs news time now at ten forty five time for the sportsline with mcgowan win for the warriors tonight they should a crackling fifty eight percent from the floor blew out the woeful phoenix suns won twenty 93 steph curry led the way as usual 22 omri caspi who doesn't get a chance to play very mature earned a lot of minutes with draymond green sitting this went out and he chipped in with nineteen points letting back to west gilad go dabbled uptapped caspi straight out for a three guy downtown and for cast caspi that's going to be his first three since early december two morbid cohen our sister station ninety five point seven the game steve kerr talked about the unusual aspect of the night he led his players run practice this afternoon and allow veterans andre iguodala draymond green and david west among others to run the huddles during the time outs in the game people may make deal of it had nothing to do with being disrespectful it had to do with me trying to reach my team i have not reached them for last month they're tired of my voice i'm tired of my voice that a long haul these last few years i wasn't reaching them and we just triggered is probably a good night to pull on koa trick out of the hat near let the player's coach themselves and they did a pretty good job me well fairly continues to win they won four straight one away to two over the knicks the new orleans pelicans beat up detroit one eight team 210 three anthony davis with forty worth a 38 points ten rebounds clippers clip brooklyn 114 101 chicago downed orlando 105 wanna wanna utah when its ten th in a row one on one.

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