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I love improbable success stories and even more i love it when the person who has succeeded recognizes his story's author stay tuned to breakpoint from the colson center for christian worldview here's eric metaxas with breakpoint sports illustrated recently named jj watt of the houston texans and jose outdo bay of the houston astros as its sports persons of the year both are among the best players in their respective sports but that's not the only or even primary reason they were selected as the magazine put it these athletes spoke loudest in their actions in words off the field in the case of what an all to aid the emphasis is on actions specifically their contributions to houston's ongoing recovery from hurricane harvey most sports fans including christian ones will already familiar with the almost literally larger than life watt whose freakish combination of size and athleticism has made him the most dominant defensive player in the nfl but until this october a few if any knew much about l tuesday the american league's 2017 most valuable player his is a story that is so improbable and inspirational that hollywood would have rejected the script but as outdo veba will tell you the author of his story doesn't reside in hollywood part of the improbability is obvious when you look at him he is listed at 5foot6 that's two inches shorter than i am and no one has ever called me tall as tom for ducci pointed out in his article on all tubay over the past decade the most popular players in baseball either by allstar votes were jersey sales are at least 6foot3 we literally look up to them despite being the smallest player in major league baseball out tubay is its best hitter and arguably its best player he has won three batting titles led the league in stolen bases twice has won a gold glove for his fielding and is a fivetime allstar according to the advanced the testicle metric known as winds above replacement out too vague did more to help his team win games in 2017 than any other player in baseball to call this improbable is an understatement at age sixteen he was invited to try out camp in his native venezuela.

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