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Blanket over the long term maintain the furnace and change the filter on a regular basis. You don't have a clean filter. It's making your unit work that much harder. Matt Reese, News Radio seven hundred wwl w the driver of the vehicle in an accident. Monday night in Amelia being held on a one million dollar bond. He was on probation for felony possession offense. And he was driving on a suspended license now he's being held on a million dollars bond for causing a fatal accident in Claire. County. Police believe thirty one year old Justin watts was under the influence of drugs. When he crossed the center line on Ohio won twenty five last night hitting a car head on the driver of that car. There creek township officer Jared Lee, the Twenty-seven-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. He was off duty at the time of the accident. Watts has a long history of drug offenses including convictions of selling heroin cocaine and marijuana. Rick chino, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w parents are expressing frustration at other parents who refuse to vaccinate their children in light of those growing. Measles concerns in the Pacific northwest ABC's backup men in Washington. Johnson faces another week in quarantine freaking out at every little rash. Everything seven-month-old might have been exposed to a growing measles outbreak. When she visited a nearby clinic in Vancouver, Washington. I'm just gotten to the point where I'm angry. He's angry because doctors believed that lily still too young for. Vaccination was put at risk by people who chose not to vaccinate their children,.

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