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At 808 590957 again. That's 808 590957. Back from the break and all the controversial argumentation that we did on Facebook live comes to a halt, Dr Colin Or what were we talking about? Well, it's much more fun on Facebook problem with having this conversation on Facebook is we want to get all right. We're gonna You know, Facebook is going to censor it and You know, we'll be done. So you know, But it is. What we're talking about is way more just saying I think we should say you know why I am re rest and why should we be upset of China? For flubbing, You know a scientific experiment when United States paid for it. Who said they flopped it. They probably didn't flop it at all. The pretty smart over there who said that he was said they flubbed it. All they're saying is the accusation right now is that the perhaps the virus was Light out of the lab. They're released out of the lab there, but fortunately, some guy Left the imprint of life. The sequence of the You know what the sequence of the virus was so that we were able to save the day. Well, maybe you know, letting the virus out of the lab is a mistake. You know, that's that's the error and you know, so we were talking about how the blame in our country is going to Dr Fauci. For funding the lab that created this virus, which may or may not have any real life benefit other than is a biological weapon. On You know, why are we funding Chinese lab? That's going to do something to harm us. Not don't do it anymore and quit funky bashing. I mean, he can't be held responsible. It wasn't his money. It didn't come out of private enterprise. It wasn't his money. It was the American government's money. They hired fire Chief, but she sent it over to China. Okay, get your own researchers here and do it here. A lot of smart people here. Well, that is the point We talked on Facebook is why are we outsourcing our research? Why not do the research here? We do have a lot of researchers. Why not put this into the hands of Americans? Why is the government paying other countries to do research that we're funding upgrade? Don't they? Have they? Don't tell me China needs our money to research. What's the reason? We don't know the answer. What's the reason to United States of fun Chinese medical research? The answer, and I don't know. Well, so we're outside the area of my expertise. You know, where were you know we like I like the controversy. It's fun to talk about, but I don't have the answer to this. You know what's the political drive for? For the United States of Fund? A Chinese medical lab in China has a ton of money and they have a ton more researchers and as you said on break They're cheaper to work for. Well, that's the point. Research don't make money here and you can go to magic. You can get a PhD in bacteriology and this country and medical degree anymore unless you're rich without going into 3 to $500,000 in debt. And how are you supposed to pay that off Getting a getting a government job for 50 or 60 or $70,000 doesn't work, so they're gonna outsource it. Well, the scientist still exist in our country. Not a lot. I mean, not, but not a lot, because if there were a lot, you wouldn't hand it out. Well, if that's the answer that we just don't have enough, then that money should be going toward educating our people exactly and not sending the research money overseas, exactly invested in educating our American students to achieve this level of education's we don't outsource it to China. Exactly where the door doesn't work in the lab. And then then the virus gets out. I mean, you know, it's Z. Whatever that may be. Well, The question I guess is right now is. Is it important because the most important thing is saving lives, preventing the spread of covert They've done a great job of getting the vaccines out. Everybody. Most people have had the vaccines. More people are getting the vaccines. I mean, you know what? What's life frustrated to clean up this mess, But there is a lesson to be learned. About. Let's not let it happen again. That's what you're saying, and that's why they're having news stories in the morning about what happened, and Wu Ham, you know it's important to know what happened so that we can prevent it from happening again. And you know what everyone's asking is if it was an innocent mistake that allow the virus to get out. Why didn't the Chinese government let everyone know? Why was it left to? You know, some heroic Chinese doctor to, you know, let the world know what that you know what the genetic makeup of this virus was so they could quickly make a vaccine. You know, Speaking of vaccines. Among the impression they're using a Chinese made vaccine in India, which is why they're having so many problems over there. Um You know this a true story? I don't know. Okay, but I mean, you're just under the impression. Well, that's we talked about last show for a minute. But the fact that we were able to generate a vaccine so quickly, based on information put online by a rogue Chinese Chinese scientists. You know who's vanished? So any Chinese doctor who went public with the president, you know that that this virus is out there and it's been escaped The city. It's okay. They're gone. Uh huh. So China's hiding something there's something the hide and That's the problem. You've got to be able to recognize that a country is acting malevolently they're making. You know they did something in the lab that's dangerous, and then didn't let the world knows if they're really doing this for the benefit of the world. Letting people learn about you know viruses of that It can fight them well, then, when there's a problem, not telling the world is not really in everyone's best interest. So lesson learned here is that from now on all the research is going to be done here and that you're going to pay for the education to turn out as many researchers as you need to do what they're able to do in China, so this won't happen again. There's a lot of that can be extrapolated to every industry in the world. We should be making our own, you know, pp. We should be making our own about the thank you didn't have masks here. How about that? That's a look of 10 Cent item that anybody could have thrown together and people were wandering around with scarves. You were wandering around with mufflers. You know, T shirts wrapped around the front of their face because for the first three months, you guys didn't even have dubbed masks. Well, we should be making our own semiconductors. You know, we should be. We shouldn't be dealing with a any problem that's integral to our economy. Because we can't get the products from overseas more the number one biggest manufacturing country in the world. We should be making everything that we need on our own. Not relying on anybody. We have all the resource is we have everything. We're just not making it here. We should be making our own re agents for drug testing. We should be making our own re agents for drugs. We should be making our own. Jim. You know generic drugs. This should not be outsourcing of the country. We have the ability to do it. People need work here. Exactly. People need to work. All of this should be brought in. There's no reason for us to be reliant on another country the way we are, and that's another thing that Cove ID exposed. Not just that we're not prepared. In terms of prevention. We're not probably were not prepared for protective equipment. We weren't prepared to recognize on outside threat, but we do not. We've let all of our industry leave the country. We've become dependent on that should not be happening. So we old the turnaround then tow one scientist in China who registered the sequence of the virus where it could be accessible. We could find out advisor jumped on and Madonna jumped on it, and that's how We got the vaccine so quickly. Otherwise it would be a horrific menace right? It would be, and I'm still curious. Where are the other 100 vaccine candidates? You know when work speed started, you know, over 100 opera. Different vaccines were being made around the world. You know where they were down to three. Yeah, That's right. You know what? I'm just curious. What happened? All these other vets have its own studies. I mean, now there, move point. Although not for other countries. You gotta give the United States credit. You know, we're fully vac were highly vaccinated and the rest of world is screwed. Now we're very fortunate from that point of view, and everyone should get vaccinated. That's for sure. 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