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About fifteen luca so forty eight let's say via out about two is tacked on a couple more years so he's forty eight near thirty one and whether the answer he gives you hi the answer he gives you when you ask about marriage oh no someday someday all right well you know i got some feelings about this which is this a lot of guys out there it's a little diabolical it's my george clooney move but he then eventually got very you get no bad relationship and you get divorced early before you have to wacko pure empire lake coma or any of this nonsense always see we'll see murderer that even yeah he i think the area look it up but i mean he might maybe got married when there's twenty seven in divorces 28 and a half or something good now you could to bang everyone willy nilly for 25 years going been there done that never go and and if you do it on the first few days like the chicks all years like hey i'd like to marietto and have kids and for having brought on by marriage before show alledged need a county to your hair basically and you need to nine ask questions and we'll do it for as long as i feel like a little move on someone else i'll give them the speech for your meaty 993 when he was fully my main ninety th twenty seven is born in sixty one so eighty nine used twenty three zero right so then he did that and then he had 25 years of doing nothing but bone in people in town had been married before and it's like i don't know it's like saying i got into a car accidents so you drive.

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