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The breakfast club you will come from a world is dangers of this three one Kevin Hart in the building we're talking about the book about how you walked in on a comedian can offer trees only of yes right okay Patrice Oneal you need a place to stay so at the time I was living in LA I had a two bedroom apartment he stay in there I might do you come and go as you want me and my ex with outlook we just out and about during the day and she's I I well I'm a go ahead with my girls as I would you go ahead and go back to the crypt I walk in this quiet juries you hair can not them right so I'm going to back it is in a back room where you feel like you know go give me a second give me a second I'll say what you want he's call may give me a second we moved outside baby oil on top of if a woman I know you will be only first of all he's discussing his defenders what about this store and they ask you not to tell nobody in you know as your friend I'm going tell everyone so well now it does what he wants and have is smiling right now he will want me to tell us the world's most dangerous morning show we'll be back in minutes it's the breakfast club yeah thank they want yes five the world's most dangerous morning everybody is dean J. M. V. is Julie you show me the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special gas in the building one of the flies just people I know yes yeah welcome with the men your book is amazing we're gonna make an even better movie amazement I look around I came in and looked around me first thing came to my mind was juicy never thought hit public take this fall wow when I started out Andrea will have a little office in Brooklyn and puffy was though like a entering the room to see where this is coming with the man is amazing where we was at about you with and without even knowing your whole entire story in this book really details a lot of things that we didn't know correct about the legend of dapper Dan yeah I can't believe you alive my brother I can't eve how did you will have New York in the seventies and eighties in a I just like keep switching lane for me a sad thing that happened like when we have Nipsey I learned early on that bloody young goes on no the streets will implode when you if you don't understand you can not be in it and not of it yeah when you walk away from the street you gotta break clean or you gonna break clean you just can't have no contact you got to reflect for while visit us for that movie they try to kidnap me got shot still got the building in the neck you know always often begin to cause a lot of people might not know they had a name that but did they see the face but they don't know what you've done so how did you get started we was like so poor you know we we used to steal food from supermarkets man it was just have holes no shoes that whole experience where set the stage for how we would think the major difference came one nineteen sixty seven me and all my brothers got busted selling drugs in on June nineteenth nineteen sixty seven I got out September twenty seventh nineteen sixty seven and one of the brothers in there who is locked up with me is one of them alleged choose the kill Malcolm now sort of respect that he had man I said I might go back to jail again but I'm never going back like this is a drug deal so walk away from nineteen sixty seven I went back to high school twenty three years old I need to find out who I was we let you back in high school at twenty twenty three street academies it was a three part for you go yeah St academy mmhm go from city government cadmium transition you get a scholarship to go to prep school with the and then you get a scholarship to go to college so was like a semi a process of me leaving the street before I came back with them this serious thing that changed my mind the most like this four day boys and I'm the young right and we all got busted me in jail at the same time they call me out the bull pen and then they pull me back in like nineteen twenty one so when I got back in the socks mobile to see what was there he said that's the snitch behind a doing a film on the th and I come to find out the guy who told us was the guy who told us of the host I'll tell my brothers from that moment on okay I'm done with that hello you said you said the guy that killed my guy yeah that's what I did in essence dot right he said he didn't let you write one yeah others say he got respect the Joe crazy respect why at that time nations long was really powerful and with a lot of elements in the street welcome was considered a traitor yeah yeah yeah well say we talk in nineteen sixty eight what was the king was considered a cool all good change the trajectory of how you got your generation thinks about him is what they did after that when they both went global the drug game help and hurt the business of dapper Dan all the crack epidemic created a cash flow in the street middle class black would not buy from me the most revolutionary element that you found in the street they didn't care about what people think with the yanks as long as it looked nice they were by and you have to remember I was doing luxury goods so there was only one that had the money that you spend on that what I was doing when you started doing the clothing in and it was our old artisanal celebrities in in the drug dealers and they said the cease and desist as such as going out how did you survive after well here's what to do at the height of my business I had drinks is come from all over the country so when they shut me down I went underground I would hit I would make close in on the ground and hit every black city from New York to Chicago because all the games I knew all the key key junctures in the eighties so with no problem and that's not assisting or so for twenty years but now when I went to Africa also a lot of different things at one time on a toe to head it how did that change you in sixty year and you know sixty I would like to twenty three and we're gonna no I went to Ghana Tanzania Ethiopia Sudan and Egypt Hey Liberia Niger we just did we just live with family it was a live and you learn from that trip all my home this certain things along for the trip this instrumental in helping me to do what I'm doing now let me talk about that when I was staying in Kenya Joe making out it was the president but one of the most important things that he did that I learned from that trip is there even today the economy is controlled by people from all say basically India's right so would join working out a did he said every business here has to have an indigenous king in as a partner and then after five years you say okay you all cannot be in this sector to business now contrast so that we was in Uganda remember it yeah man took over in Uganda and went in the army and took over in Uganda he kicked out all the Indians in the economy collapsed so when you look at how we make progress we make progress to how we learn but we have to get inside to learn which is which is important to you know my relationship with Gucci right when you see her relationship with Gucci I learned from John King other that we have to be inside we have to make sure we learn about the dynamics of these businesses so we can lay to run these businesses and these businesses will be able to sustain itself okay when they ran me on the ground and all the black brands came about they all come laugh why we don't have no black rims today I want because we didn't we didn't get inside we didn't understand what it meant to be inside so you got to be in the fashion houses to learn how to build exactly are we got more we do have a day when we come back don't move is the breakfast club good morning yeah a known Jesus the only let me know me Joan yeah just does it mean to win so thank you need to yeah coming in a way still gone bad on you every time notice to say yeah we noticed and when you see me no stress you morning everybody is seen in V. angel ye shall meaning that we are the breakfast club we have G. legend dapper Dan into building shelling so what is the what a mistake that the black brain made the mistake we made is not in the brand's was a luxury right so you can apply brass yeah all the blood was not it was a luxury bring how do we create luxury luxury only becomes comes from the value that we put on a right good good place no no no luxury comes from us having the money to buy luxury that's the only way we can get looks you right but we don't we don't generate that kind of money here now would not punishable Gucci I'm selling out in Japan I'm someone I'm Asian someone almost places where our culture is very powerful so if we want to if we want a luxury brand we have to have a distribution that's a powerful knows that we can get a brand in those countries but what about all the drug dealers the rapper's whoever can afford they can afford to fashion the high fashion stuff so why can't the black they'll have the same type of you know there's not enough of a you know a big he said of the international he's not around yes and distribution is them to get into those location yeah this this and other countries exactly done to try to figure out why we put more value on that stuff then we do our own stuff that's what I'm trying to figure out well that's individual choice but I'm not going after what we buy I'm going up there this is what all market who we all is our culture I'm not going along with black people look in column or in the United States about with you want to buy luxury or not put your money no if I culture is so powerful and is selling around the world is somebody else's supplement I want to get to where they fell into that the following these major brands as a figure just when you look or who all the influences we all the influences yeah right and we didn't I'll be OB ability to influence is going all around the world I'm not concentrating on just getting his black money here what I can get the global money if I got the global culture you're right but which voice right don't you think you could have made a Sanjana phat farm or any black brand just as cool and pop in as you did to go cheese in the Louise because that was only cool good due to know it was wired but the only thing one thing Malcolm thought global young found one for global I'm thinking global I'm not thinking about this he had you know they cater to right here I don't want to do that right Hey this is an established brand are go into the established global brand learn from that and then you can establish own Glamorgan Martin weren't global brands they were they were brand that was started right here in America but they took him once they got they foot hole like I got the foot hole then you go go we can build what would you get a funnel so you had a foot market your foothold due to Scripps yeah I got muscle Fulton Street so once you get to four all discrete and you could you had the potential to take out any huddled Randall because your doctor that I didn't have yeah but I don't have the distribution or the money if if we have if we have a sustainable economy among people of color black people that can support a luxury brand I wouldn't I wouldn't have to be at the I think the problem is I I think we make hot we like what other people can't half right so it's like that's why a lot of us by Gucci by Louis Vuitton by Chanel bottles things because it's things that limit is not too much of it and what we do that what places where a lot of times don't necessarily want with us you know we go to the store they still follows run a store a lot of times with the ones that bind and making it happen Gucci no we in all that you are the one that you you look at when they made it happen like you know you can you know what bag yeah we had a war wanted to wait when they took it a Gucci recreated the outfit that you did years ago exactly you know me so I can easily like when we create our own Maria's.

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