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It seems unlikely raised by a single mom from community college to the Ivy league from a waitress to the White House. I'm sure he's David's and it's my story because even when I didn't have much, I had opportunity but today too many don't and Washington won't change that. That's why I'm running for congress. I'm sure as David's I approve this message because opportunity starts with good schools, affordable healthcare and safe communities. Cerise David's just won a crowded democratic primary in Kansas third district. If she wins in November, she would also be the first openly gay native American woman to be elected to congress. While her district may be small, it contains Kansas City and its suburbs. The cook political report is now calling it a toss up district. Hillary Clinton squeaked out a victory here in two thousand sixteen with a margin of just one. One point and Therese, David's joins us. Now, thank you very much for being on the show. Thanks for having me. I'm excited. Okay. So I, I wanted President Trump has already endorsed her opponent, and I want to read it here. Thank you to congressman Kevin Yoder. He secured five billion dollars for border security. Now we need Congress' support. Kevin has been strong on crime the border, the second amendment, and he loves our military and vets. Kevin Yoder has my full and total endorsement Cerise in your district, how helpful or hurtful is it to have President Trump injecting himself into your race for your campaign? You know. I honestly, I think that one of the things though we need in the third district and what we haven't had up to this point with Kevin Yoder is Representative who is fighting for the agenda. The third district and I, I don't think it's helpful to have the president or anyone else from outside this district saying that Kevin Yoder is fighting for his agenda or anyone else's agenda. He needs to be fighting for the agenda that third district as you're campaigning, are you hearing from people who might say to you. You know, I I like what you're saying, but I want someone who's going to be in Washington, who supports the president is the president front of mine for people, or is it other things. Yet the the president is isn't. Pri- is not a primary topic that I'm hearing from people. You know, as I go around and I have meet and greets and we're knocking on doors and talking to folks. I, the primary thing I'm hearing about is healthcare. There are too many people who are concerned about what what they're going to do if they get sick or that they don't have health insurance or that they're struggling with high premiums, like they're the things that people are concerned about are not the are not just the president of the United States. It's how are we going to improve opportunity for the folks right here? And again, the president sent that tweet injecting himself into into your raise, unsure between now and election day he's going to, he's going to do it again in that in that tweet, he talked about border security. When you have a constituents who might future constituents potential constituents who might say, well, what are you going to do about the borders? What are you going to do about immigration? What what answer do you have for them. You know, really, I think one of the things that so many people have expressed to me in in my conversations with folks here is that they what is happening right now at the border and what has happened with with family separation is appalling, and I have not met anyone in the third district that I've talked to who is not completely appalled by what's been going on. And I don't think that they're satisfied with the way that Kevin Yoder has failed to act. You know, he hasn't done anything. He sits as the chair of the subcommittee of homeland security, and he hasn't done anything except for sent a letter to the attorney general, and that is not action. We need action and Kevin Yoder isn't doing that. You know, he attacked you on the Tuesday before you won the primary saying, you lacked Kansas values, the Kansas City star at a to'real board responded that saying, we hope he wasn't talking about the fact that she'd be the first native American woman elected to congress in the. I openly LG LGBT person to represent Kansas. You lack Kansas values is that is.

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