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Will catch a wave into the ocean blue Find it all at visiting J dot org Dave dill time with us in the WTO traffic Senate Overcast skies but very straightforward traffic pattern volumes are definitely running high late this afternoon Travel volumes definitely more traffic Travel times for a little longer all around but nothing outrageous near the D.C. metro area for as slow as it is on the beltway and beyond with travelers and commuters combined There are very few major incidents to speak of In fact routine responses minor things on shoulders but nothing that stands out on the beltway on 95 the Baltimore Washington Parkway two 70 George Washington Parkway 66 three 95 95 in Virginia It's just going to come down to coping with the volume delays which yes are a little bit longer than your typical Thursday but nothing like Thursday's leading up to Memorial Day in years past And at the bay bridge it's quiet There's no delay whatsoever and even eastbound near the severn river bridge traffic speeds are starting to come up already So now we're down to just brief delays through Annapolis across the severn river So all 7 rivers So all told very unremarkable traffic pattern That's exactly the way that we like it Ashley's Memorial Day sale event is happening now save up to 40% on all furniture plus free delivery and no interest financing at Ashley's biggest Memorial Day sale event Dave told ein WTO traffic Samara Theodore has the weekend forecast Get ready for an active end to the week tomorrow storms roll in and any of the storms we see for your Friday could be on the strongest severe side The good news is tonight we're still quiet So this evening temperatures fall into the 60s.

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