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Louisiana his book is out it's called Vicksburg vindication of a civil war trader sandy how did the north react after Vicksburg surrendered There were ecstatic Sure under on the, fourth of July and. That's one reason. People were castigated But he felt he could. Get the best terms. On July fourth He, told, his generals who objected to surrendering on the fourth or no no my. People will, get better terms from July fourth day of the year everyone's right The north Hartman there was a law in lost so. Many man there was a law in recruiting war effort was. Going badly A lot of talk about Maybe giving up. The effort leading the south go in fact that same month on July eighteen sixty three major draft. Riots in New York City Over two hundred black people were either hanged or burnt at stake Need Under at Gettysburg had to divert your enforcers five entire regiments Which he could've used to pursue Robert E, Lee to New York to reestablish slowing order Not Going well in the north and this Tree Help them to Sure in fact it helped them to develop a false, sense of confidence After, Gettysburg and Vicksburg they wanna to go to nitric Chattanooga In the spring of eighteen sixty four began they thought the confederate army consisted of. Key remnants be mopped up fairly quickly The war would be over in three or four months And, they were appalled at the southern resistance Robert E Lee Inflicted more casualties from the army. Of the Potomac There's army of northern Virginia had We're about in the north near somebody who's been killed or wounded or wasn't a prison Andersonville and Hey look for a while I was the south was going to win the war politically because Election was coming up and ABRAHAM LINCOLN if he was gonna lose it so everybody else But then the in the last purring pour war on September second. When Atlanta fail Northern public opinion Reversed itself completely because I could see the light at the end, of the tunnel and I realized they were gonna. Win the war so. They're real elected south was finished off too much like My guest has been sandy mitchum the book Vicksburg sandy, wonderful to talk to you I know. That you're a World War Two authority but I'm glad that you took a little time to plow into the civil war and teachers, about Vicksburg in general Pemberton and all these other. Interesting people so I'm. Glad that we should hook up here Well thank you I really enjoyed the interview Hopefully, the people out there. Will, enjoy the. Book I sure enjoyed riding Regular is the. Publisher the book is, Vicksburg, sandy Mitchell, was the, author I'm Pat. Williams this is the weekend our it's news ninety. Six five in Orlando we've got more after this folks stay with us this message is for all of us. Sitting in the passenger seat and apologies if it gets a little uncomfortable but how does it feel to be at the mercy? Of someone who thinks a random text is more important than your life someone who takes their eyes off, the. Road, while speeding along in a three ton hunk of steel freaky right well why not. Just ask them to stop or, better yet volunteer, to text for them it might be a little awkward but believe me you'll live learn more at stoptextsstopwrecks dot org brought to you by the Ad Council and the National.

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