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Class really got perhaps ten minutes left I show on A. M. seven sixty what it what I I I I I hate to see this kind of go I mean I've been here for almost twenty one years and I I just have a feeling for more then told that this could be the last shells so movements in the last few weeks but I feel like it's almost like I always tell people when the multiple gets higher and higher and higher gets riskier and riskier and riskier as like our show the longer our ability we will be back I thank you and with you know for sure I don't hear what that's why do I talk about one more time it's got regions enables the wait very patiently stay with us you can get that I do on the outside for the last time perhaps when the work that's going to be and again we think this could be a folk filled workshop because the fact could be the last one for for a couple months what about why why why why do we invest in equities will go over the tax benefits the growth of the fundamentals and so forth what to look for when you're investing very important why have we done so well for so many years we're gonna show you why we've done well how we invest our own personal money how is this our client's money we're gonna teach you the right way to invest and get rid of those emotions that cause you to the silly things actually ABS investor I think the last twenty years only average what one point nine percent yeah we actually have to get away from that and again our transport approach to investing using for announces that the whole thing is really investing in businesses understanding what you're doing when I say that and also to we show you all the other things you could be doing and why why you should be doing those but you got to the.

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