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Out with a horrible drawer. I'm literally figure girl but we did. We get a drawn out and I would get it made and I would wear it man. He's well let's talk about your new single 'cause we're talking and talking we get which one the Goppel single. Rv single well. Let's talk about the Gospel when I. That's a really nice song. Are you going to perform veteran as best That will actually the plan that the released the song came out two days after my grandpa parents believe it or not. Oh so it's very hard. My My grandpa passed on resurrection Sunday. He's just Sunday and the salt came out on Tuesday this generation those new music Friday. But when I was coming up new albums came out on Tuesday right and so I specifically picked Tuesday relief You know kind of throw it back to When when he came out when I was coming on on Tuesday and so when we say was for April fourteenth. Had No idea that my grandfather was going to contract the virus and it was already ready to go. He passed that Sunday for the song. Coming Tuesday whether I was ready for it or not literally two days later and I released it because I want it to be able to present something that would be beautiful and effective and something. That meant a lot to me To The Sunday best audience. I was scheduled to perform it for the finale last year. If you recall in the nine Kirk Franklin open the season with the performance on episode one. John Athans Erica. And I and I all performed that finale along with the last two contestants and so we weren't this year and I think during the Clark Cold Song. I'm still here last year because I didn't have my own to present and so when I was invited back to a judge for season ten. I said it would be smart for me to have something of my own to present. I know a lot of music I have a very wide repertoire gossip. I must've sane but I also have a full. That album is now fifteen years old if you can believe it so I'm like no I don't need to do anything or I'm need to do something new and present something new and fresh for this audience and so that was the point of release things what I need and it just so happens that the whole world was in the middle of this and I feel like the messages inside. The song are so appropriate for what's going on right now but it will be my knowledge before it's still will be because we had to halt production on the show while this was going on and until we can kind of figure out a way to get that in and to know that everybody's safe and nobody's contagious. Were on hold until our producers can figure out how to do that But what I need will be performed at the season finale Sunday best season ten. And what would've been it would have been available to the public for the all of these months. 'cause generally airs during the summertime with our finale episode. Airing in the end of also it would have been perfect because in April released by the time people heard it and saw on the finale. They would have been familiar with it by then Now your it's It's more of a bad one was your inspiration for that. Did you break up with somebody recently? No I'm written. It was written actually a couple of years before I walked away from my marriage I had I had been in that relationship I met my ex husband was thirteen years old. He had been my boyfriend since I was sixteen. Wow Yeah in that relationship for almost thirty years and married for twenty four years and and as a writer I felt people. I either write the things that I've already lived. I'm writing what I'll currently living or I'm writing about the life that I want and no one I will I you know in my mind I'm like I can't stay here but what happens if I leave you know. There's so many things that we could have done to that together. What if I leave and I regret it and so on? Unsung represent so many things. When you go through the scenarios that are in that my on my Andrea Andrea Things. My unsought thought my on last. Laugh my unloved. You can never. You've heard the saying that you can never What is it didn't never on ring? A bell wants. A bell has been wrong. You can't on it. It's the sound it's the sound wave and even when it leaves your ears. That found wave is traveling throughout the earth waves. Energy never dies only recreated and that scientific so. I thought about all these things that you know what I've seen and it got right. I'M GONNA miss out on this. I'm GonNa miss out on that. And that was the fight that I had with myself. And it's like yeah but you've been here so long and you're still having and you still habitat so if you leave you might be on last on love on live on but you say and just still unwrapped lived unloved on some and so. I just got about all the things that I didn't get a chance to do because I wasn't in a good situation as opposed to and I changed my perspective especially now but I changed my perspective and and it is. It's melancholy but my that people will listen to it and realized that if they're still alive and they still have breath in their body. They have an opportunity to make me laugh laugh. Laugh they have the opportunity to make and unlovable situation level situation. Even if it means leaving that situation and waiting for the right love if you ha- if your life is unlit your you still have grass in your body. There's an opportunity to choose to live. It's a decision and it's a really hard decision but it's a decision and you can make it and so what I love about. It really is what I love about him. I been listening to it the last couple of days and I just kind of close by and I have to honestly say because I wrote this song years ago and it was one of those things that I told myself. I would never release because I felt like I was giving too much of a a look inside of my soul but I had a very very proud moment in recent days not because it came out but because I finally decided that if there's any shame it's not mine to be had fast for the bad situation. I did tolerate it but I also made a decision to make change and so I'm hoping that this will become and the song will become an agent of change for people that can decide that I really do deserve better than what I've just been accepting my head you've been watching the versus the battles on instagram. Thing will be a good match to news. I'll be honest with you. I haven't watched them at through arrested and going against anybody and I'm GonNa tell you why a lot of it because of the way people compared to other people all the time and I felt I made make believe that I couldn't hold a candle to anybody even if I think better than because I've been on me they'll be flyers in me. They can better than me. I can't dance at all. I've got the ill two-step anybody ever seen though because I do have risen from the hood so you can't do nothing now most people rhythms and if they get a good piece got you got test and your radio saying when I did to remix the secret love with the bread right war. I just just improve. That big girls can move when I finish that thing. I told the record company grabbing. Don't ask me to do nothing like this ever again. So it's never too but I understood why I we. We proved to the world. Have big girls can move and now that you know I can move. Let me get back to sing now. They got to keep up with me moving and saying yeah so I I think greatness attainment and I think it's great when you have artists like Erica Jill who can do it just for entertainment. And and and they really not hinge on how people feel about them when they do it. But if it's thing I interested in people going to get my music and and not have to give the concert. I WanNa say to the people. 'cause my concert if I was to describe it per of Fan when they leave my concert they don't have church. They WANNA THEY WANNA be in love they WANNA fight. They WANNA do almost predict by the end of my concert. They don't sell all of these emotions. They WANNA FIGHT THEY WANNA make up they. WanNa be in love. They feel empowered. They want to church like how does that happen in one concert. I when you go there Kelly concert I promised to God. That's what happens and if it's on a Saturday night it's funny. People will leave my concert on a Saturday night live. They'd been searched in a year. We'll find church to go to. They could but I can't help it. I got a preacher that live down. Dhabi preaching about begs. You Ain't got to take. That baby died. Didn't make you think that anything I know that's right. So do you have anything else happening that need to know about before you go okay? So Americans so season to start may twenty seven. I'm making my attorneys Rian Clarkin season two. You will get to see the evolution of ran. I believe this is three years later after her husband gone after the kids are out of the House and she has now decided to get back to lose it. So don't miss that. These two begins on the twenty seven March Sunday. I'm waiting for the filming when I go back to work at this church as Erica as his Jonathan as are the contestants and our amazing crew who works With us behind the scenes I am releasing EP. This year. Ten different for me because I come from the era of we do whole albums with bonus cut and sometimes you get like eighteen on an album. The MODEL has changed since then. So we don't do that anymore but I am glad about. Is that in this era and being able to release music so freely and being where I ended my career. I'm no longer allowing myself to be brought into genre so you will get to. Eps For me this year one that will have more music like what I need. And then the other which will have more music like unsung. So I have an armed EP coming later this year as well as a Gospel Inspirational EP. Both to be released before the end of the year. I am currently writing and producing from a distance literally. I have session five going between LA CHICAGO ATLANTA. I'm swinging parks in Atlanta from music is coming from California some news from Chicago. I've got cliff elite music coming out of Miami. I have some interesting features that are going to be on this project. Trina just keep saying came into power about me about my mom with me. I'm just waiting on us. Tell me what you want me to jump. I got I got John. Connor who was formerly signed the aftermath. I did something on his new project. That just came out last week. He's waiting on me to tell them what I want to jump on. I got I got a wild lay. Who literally like since. I'm waiting on you like you did these joints for me so I'm excited about the music is coming in. I would just say this. Don't be surprised where you hear them. 'cause I'm cool with train on my Guy Album. I feel like we all have the right to praise God and nobody what I walk is privately other than US and And so just. Don't be surprised where you see. Where where they land but The collapse of the interesting the class. I'm going to be interesting and the music is be Kelly. I'm Bob Kelly. After twenty four years of marriage and I have grown children and grandchildren. I'm forty seven years old and I am finally with me. The wigs come off at night. I got platform my hair. I'd me too hot. Take really good care of my kids. I see people saying I can tell. She's lightning her Pinot. What happens is when you eat better when you let go a strategy that you drink plenty of water and you love yourself. Your countenance changes no skin bleach. Here this is this. Is Kelly happy. Kelly evolve Joey adjusted and.

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