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Dallas mavericks organization senator around the team's director of quantitative research and development. Babul gares the report. Detailed allegations of a strained relationship between vulgarity. And the face of franchise luca danni specifically citing two incidents from earlier this season. A january. game where vulgarity. Headed for the locker room toward the end of a maverick loss. Something dodged apparently noticed and disapproved up in february game where dodgers reportedly snapple. The article goes on various anonymous internal dallas sources who complained about vulgarities bedside manner. Then it goes on to make a connection people garrisons undeniable influence within the mavericks and the recent playoff ousters. It's the sort of story that basketball twitter audrey hoover's up twitter artery. That's heart twitter. Rati basketball purists versus the analytics crowd part eight hundred fifty seven. Now full disclosure. I just want to put this out there. I know bob gears. But i didn't speak to him prior to making this so this is just my opinion. I don't know anybody. I haven't talked to anybody. This is just my opinion this these in other words anyone else. Now that we got that out of the way. I greatly admire bob's accurate intelligence. I found our basketball conversations to be spirited and enlightening. He's really good at this. I mean this is a man who went from being a skycap at the airport to literally a millionaire off betting on basketball games at one point he employed an army of programmers refining the algorithms. That kept him one step ahead of the oddsmakers and indeed many nba makers he consumes a ridiculous amount of nba information each season including watching hundreds of games he tracks lineups. Substitution patterns defensive match-ups coaching tendencies referee tendencies. And all of this was before you work for an nba team. This is a very smart man both in the context of overall intelligence and in the narrow scope of evaluating basketball. Every set all that bob could be an asshole. He's strongly opinionated and can appear to be unyielding uncompromising at times ultimately the story above bulgars isn't one of right or wrong in many ways. It's not even about bob. It's about the unpredictable predictability of human beings and have shortcoming analytics or analytic driven experts. They turn the old tropes. You can't miserable whore or feel or chemistry or voter vacation or of every other stuff to gots likes to blurt out when he can't figure out what else is going on. The reality is the biggest pitfall for any nba front office or coaching professional regardless of whether or not they have an analytics background is communication the nba as with many work environments. There is a delicate dance when it comes to information and how does used its value is not just rooted in its accuracy. How it is received is just as important. I remember early on in my career video coordinator when i was with the sons having a combo about this with my then boss david griffin. Who is currently the executive bass while out with a new orleans. Pelicans we had a very open work. Environment in phoenix. Discussion and sharing information and opinions was encouraged regardless of the station of the speaker. I remember i'd been embroiled in a heated debate about some players. Something and do the use of supporting evidence that invalidated the point of whoever was talking afterward. Grip pulled me aside and let me know. Sometimes it's not enough to be right. You have to track people to your side in essence. I kind of put the guy on blast in a room full of people and even though my point was right it kind of embarrassed and that might trigger further resentment down the line which would become an obstacle for things. I was trying to do later. And i've been alerted to that bike. Rick reminded of conversation with a very popular well liked player claiming analytics were not respected in the locker room and could never account for plant feel. It's an almost non sequiturs someone then asks the player about. How critical the corner three-point strata becoming the nba and without skipping a beat. The player began to wax at length at the importance of the corner. Three how their officer designed to generate a large volume of them had their drummed in their heads about the ills of giving up the corner. Three on the defensive in the guy never put two and two together that the strategy that he was talking about was born out of the very thing he derided when. I heard that i knew whoever preach. That gospel tune did it extremely. Well the reality is it didn't matter how got to the conclusion that corner. Threes are important. All that matters is we have buying. They can't resist it if they don't know it came from their unhappy place in the end. Oh there's really just versions of pat riley disease of me apply to a front office setting feelings of under-appreciation paranoia over being cheated out of one's rightful share. Resentment of the competency of another part of being successful at being part of functional is managing these forces regardless of your role within the front office. I'm amino acid for metal arc. And i approve this message.

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