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That's really thirty thousand foot view. Kevin what attracted you to this job. Just like his dad is the whole person being able coach them from a mind body and soul Experience and understanding the mindfulness athlete I've seen it from a pro level. Got up tune into play thirteen years with twelve different teams so i understand like the different trials and tribulations you go through with a player not saying that these players are gonna go through that but is getting them more prepared if they do come into some certain situations where it's not typically going the right way. How can they manage that situation. So what they do today can echo into tomorrow and having the ability to kana paint on a black blank. Canvas is what a really attracted to me to to this you know. Ot league program we can take the player really shape the curriculum you not with teaching them about subjects. But we're really teaching them about themselves as well from media training From mental health issues. All the different things that come involved because we all know chris is stress. You know from success is a lot of pressures is a lot of people pulling at you. It's a lot of people won't certain things. But how do you deal with that from a player's standpoint where you can play when you get on the basketball court and half clear and not be caught up in the distractions of off the court issues. Um as desks desks were really kind of vocal. Spirit to give back in it and how these kids you know. Have these players be available at the moment of truth to make the right decisions and that was very important to me. Kevin as you mentioned you played in the nba brand. You played in the nba. As well i wanna ask both of you guys and kevin. I'll start with you like if this was available to you as sixteen. seventeen year. Old looking back. Would you have founded attractive with a definitely founded attractive You know i kind of thought the box anyway. I was from chris. Shaw from from from south central and i chose connecticut. So you places that. I didn't even know nothing about growing up. You always thought out the box and never wanted to go down a path that everybody was going down So i was always curious. And i think that's how my mom especially my mom. My dad raised me. So i definitely been curious of this situation. No no speaking now without you know took it. I'm not sure. But i think it really gave me another option to look at it and this is what we're trying to do not saying that the ncaa is wrong overtime. Leaders wrong or right. It's not about that. It's about if you really care about the student. Athletes you give them as much options as possible. And i think this gives the lee student athlete. Another option and i think you know it's a very Great option for them to have and if they choose overtime league we're going to give our whole heart to make sure they're developed on and off the basketball court chris i- jumping after coach It would have been interesting. Chris but i certainly would not have been a candidate i would. Let's just get that right. What what things that's important. We sit down going through just grassroots community and we spent months just talking to people educating about. You know what we're about who we are. Each of us has a reputation in some other space. Not here The this program isn't for everybody is not the right fit for everybody. We are cherry picking and a lot of ways. These are players that feel like they are destined for professional basketball..

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