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Not a problem. I wouldn't sweat it at all thirty four was a big deal. I don't know if you've got a chance to peek at his pro day clip, someone of it kind of made his way to Twitter, but they showed him doing. Db drew where he's flipping and turn it easy. He like a safety. Yeah. He looked like a safety. And so the name of the game now at linebacker the off ball linebackers have to be tremendous athletes that can hit running cover what I like about Devin Bush Devon Bush's ineffective. Blitzer six X coming off the second level, you know, who else had a ton of sex Darius Leonard. So one thing that we know is the league as a copycat league. When people scour through the tape, and they see that this guy should have been defensive rookie year or he did Wendy has rookie year should have been a pro bowler. And you looking at Deir slender have seven or eight sacks from the second level who would allow him back in this class can give me that kind of production. Devin Bush has to be a name my fascination with Devon white centers around not only to Sal on the silent ability, but the leadership skills so much playing deposition traffic cop is being able to direct and organiz traffic. Get everyone lined up in the right spot. He can do that great leader gr. Right worker. Terrific athlete. You talk about the instincts. I think he is instinctive maybe not as instinctive as Bush, but the plays that he makes an in space. He he reels running backs down does a great job Kuranda. And I didn't see a guy that missed a lot of tacos. In for me. Got it. I want in the pipes in between the hashes is someone that is a sure solid. Tackling also has some thump. Do you think that playing on the same team as Jamal Adams helped him from a leadership standpoint since Jamal is considered universally one of the great leaders? He is I think so, but I think sometimes you have that. And I know that he has talked about Linda for net being a positive influence in Linda for net, helping him learn how to work and take them under took him under his wing when he first got to LSU. I think there's a tremendous sense of pride at LSU with with those guys. And I think for Devon white. If you ask anybody do he was kinda deploy. Piper. And when you get multiple guys from multiple classes say that Devon white was unquestioned leader that defense speaks volumes about what he may bring to the table leadership is something that Clemson had. I thought it was pretty cool that at the at the combine you you got to catch up in separate separate appearances with their defensive line excited to have two of clemson's fund is Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawrence. Joining the move the sticks Bach ass. You guys are coming from a very successful program having been couple national titles. One claim Clemson trophies. How is that experience at Clemson prepared? You have success at next level. While felt like, you know, we'll just I on foremost, just you know, the way Clemson help grimace as men, first and foremost and just as people for like, that's the most important thing. Definitely. And you know. Yeah. It was the program the coaches and guys and everybody involved and the people just around the facility, but the players really I thought we challenge each other a lot off the filters to be the best people. We can be I. Then the best athletes is well, I just feel like all the lessons learned just you know, going against the best every day in practice. You know, I feel like not like anything I ever saw in a game in college was never better than what I saw in practice. So I definitely felt like unprepared on the football side of things, you know, decided just decided to see why I ended up and just know how this process will play on thing. I'm definitely ready for the next level. I mean, just a pig about where he said I mean going to Clemson. I mean, that's the kind of things you expect to happen. You know, the girl is a man as a football player, and you know, just having that kind of support around you just to help you, you know, to guide you you're not holding your hand..

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