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Relationship advice the personal advice just the real advice all up now for sap morning. Everybody is tj envy. Yeesh alameda god. We oughta breakfast clubs. Tom for ask ye. Hello who's this. I wanna be okay. My mother is like a socialist and she moved my ex and her boyfriend in that house. Wait a second. She moved your ex and your boyfriend into the house why From what family say they relationship with this girl this girl in family. But when i say no have. They're like they pretty much. Don't what it that's ridiculous so they would actually make you uncomfortable. And why doesn't your ex have there and your xs boyfriend had their own place. That's a good question. I they shouldn't even wanna live there. That is so awkward. Tell me about it kind of put a big screen on my relationship probably ship off and it's like now like i'm dealing with grieving. I come mother because like independent. You don't let it show love this show. That is insane. I don't even understand how somebody could do that. And i can't understand how your ex's boyfriend would wanna live with your family. And so obviously you don't wanna go over there anymore. It's hard for me not to because you know i lost my grandmother. I lost my father full. All i have is my mother. Wow i'm so. What did she say when you talk to her about in and sell the house and you tell your mom how feel. She looks at what she thinks. Like with no emotion. I will cry. I would do everything in my power toll. She listens and she doesn't with right. I mean that's a really tough one. If it was me. I wouldn't even want to go over there at all anymore but it feels like maybe your mom is also going through some trauma of her own for her to act in this way. You know people say that. But it's like i get that was like on your child. I agree with you completely. And i can. You have a discussion with your ex about why you need Why they need to get out. Oh no that's oh. I've tried having this country this. it's like a roach. What it is i mean. I don't even understand how that can be. But i would tell you if that was me. I wouldn't go over there anymore. I would have to sometimes For the time being. I have to love my mother from a distance and at some point. Y'all gonna have to have a conversation. It sounds like your mom really needs some help. 'cause i can't see how you would teach our own child like that especially if you guys have a good relationship right okay. So you guys don't have a good relationship you think she's doing this as a way to upset you. I don't think so way when when i get a half as much with my father. My mother sums up the way but when in fact the moment father murdered our relationship and my mom started mistreating best k. So now what say you do. So she is doing this kind of get back at you in a passive way so it sounds like she's acting out at because you have a relationship with your father now and she doesn't like that so she's doing things that's going to upset you but acting clueless about it and it's very It sounds like a pass away her to kind of upset you and get a reaction out of you because she's upset what is now my bothers on so by you. All how yeah. I don't yeah. I mean i think the best thing for you guys to do is i would say you have to put your foot down as far as i can't come over there because i'm not comfortable being there while you have my ex living in the house and so i can't do that I know it's hard to not have a relationship. I wouldn't want to not have a relationship with my mother but it might take some time for you guys to make some breakthroughs in this. Sounds like she needs somebody to talk to some professional help. And i know we say that. A lotta here you know but it might take a third party to come in and actually help mentor relationship. And i know that's important to you especially because that's all you have and you're all she has you know so it sounds like there's a lot more to it than just letting somebody lived there. It seems like she's acting out to try to get a reaction from you s. She may not even be aware of. That's why she's doing. It may be. I try asking her and like i'm telling her how is making me feel and you know the whole trying to make you feel this way but you are and i. I had to move out in order like that. Need new medium about my grandmother's house and my husband or boyfriend saying yeah. I would right now until my ex moves out of that house. Only see my my mother and other places and not a her own home at some point. She's gonna fill away about that too and have to make a decision. But i will say this. I don't want you to take it like it's something personal against you. It sounds like she has her own issues and it's more of a reflection of that and that about how she feels about you. You know your mother loves you right but it sounds like she's got her own issues that she hasn't dealt with ira. I wish i hope this works out. I feel like in time. It will engage. Okay all right go on as he. Eight hundred five eight five one zero five hundred if you relationship advice. Any type of advice called now. Now's the breakfast club. Real real advice. Interleague s warning. Everybody is tj envy salihi. Charlemagne a guy. We oughta breakfast club in the middle of ascii. Hello who's this t. hey jessie. what's your question fee. So my boyfriend's mom is telling me that i give her a bad by because i won't agree to being called his fiancee okay. Are you engaged now. So why would you be visa. If you're not engaged isn't that the definition exactly and i don't want him to feel any pressure especially not for me or his mom. So who's calling you. Say my boyfriend's mom so he doesn't call you his fiancee. No not really okay. So who is she saying. This just everybody like. Oh my son's say yeah she'll introduce me like. Oh this is jesse. My son's say and i'm like looking at my ring finger like what do you mean. I'm not as dancing you. That is so awkward. Why is she doing it. So it's weird because on one hand she wants you to be part of the family but then that what is so. What does your boyfriend say because it sounds more like something. He should be handling. Oh he's stood up for me in hold her like pretty much. I don't wanna play. Titles where do. I'm excited to be his fiancee one day. If that happened but like. I'm not trying to rush anything to call you future fiance from now on i'm his future fiance. Yeah i'm like grateful that she wants to include me in the family but she went as far as to say like oh. She can't come to my house anymore because she gives me bad by. What's because she didn't yeah like pettiness. Them yeah Do you guys live together me and my boyfriend together. We've been together for like four years and we have a child. So maybe that's why see saying that. Because maybe for her is she traditional like she doesn't want people to judge her or something like that No i mean. I don't wanna air her business but definitely.

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