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This these programs were to the best of your understanding approved by the commander in chief legally approved by the attorney general and supported by the director of the cia who i point out at the time was the former democratic staff director of this committee is that correct that's correct senator you said that you were not a senior manager when those programs work right is that correct that's correct was john brennan a member of the senior intelligence service and the deputy executive director at the time a senior manager in your opinion senator i believe mr brennan was the deputy exter of the agency at that time and you'd consider that i senior manager physician at the cia i believe it's the number four position for john brennan who was confirmed to be the director by the following members of this committee senator warner senator feinstein center heinrich senator collins center kings and or mansion senator wyden and senator rubio let's turn the question about the tapes that were destroyed in two thousand five did any lawyer at any time in any organization of the federal government say there was a legal prohibition to destroy this types senator they did not they were very consistent that there was no legal requirement to preserve the tapes because of the written record and it's your it's your testimony that there is a written record that fully documents whatever may or may not have happened senator yes and there were two reviews done of the written record by the office of general counsel and the office of the inspector general in other words the cia has record no different from the federal court system which keeps transcripts and allow sketch drawings but does not allow video recordings and federal courtroom is that correct.

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