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Prickly that's right outta my way i don't have to scripture this martinis keijo nonsense the top films meek gamers everyone guy well i really want to guy wants you bunch of nncholas cage movies after that it's the game where i talk through potentially some of the eighty nine films that nncholas cage is start in resistors career some of them are genuine nncholas cage movie some of them are complete nonsense and it's up to my guest to decide whether it's casual nonsense john how you feeling this way a couple of weeks out did you brush up any nncholas cage of read every one of the nine films synopsis and i'm confident now i'm gonna get four four right right let's crack on feel number one moster saucer bows up like must find trying merlin's direct descendant to defeat the dark sorceress niners mala guy levy does not sound nncholas cage e ato so i'm gonna go with cage because it's reverse the macguffin yes is genuine the sorcerer's apprentice it was a disney movie which absolutely flopped right film to benjamin gates must follow a clue left by john wilkes booth story to prove he's ancestors innocence in the assassination of abraham lincoln that sounds other those names they might have been plucked out of your brain so i'm gonna go with nonsense now it's genuine nncholas cage national treasure to coat on book of secrets which for the record i actually germany enjoyed national treasure movies are have really good okay bill free fbi agent thomas goodspeed must go undercover as a photographer fashion garlic to stop a big deal but when the deal go south thomas's kidnapped without backup and only onto camera to survive nonsense emma patent nonsense who's cool thomas got speed any any okay i think we should set for podcast avow your processes of how you make these nonsense i actually jamie low to the plus a few weeks back up on a an screenwriters course as like a part time thing just 'cause bitching moaning about how films ritz or written should say and it's kind of one it's an i watched the price they go through how do you put a screenplay together how do you submit one and all that sort of stuff so up in this is kind of helped with that a little bit because some of my son some of my exercise is outside of the class have been roy screenplay about something come try not force about something go so it's been very very therapeutic during these as well eric film full on her deathbed a mother makes her son promise to never get married which scarred him with psychological bronx commitment with his girlfriend but they finally decide tied in vegas but a wealthy gambler arranges dismantling sixty thousand dollars.

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