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Enron chief financial officer. Andy fastow was about to kill an alligator. That's what former enron ceo rich kinder used to call it. He said that enron's problems we're like alligators and to fix them. You had to get in the swamp kick out all the alligators than kill them. One by one fast. Al likes to remind himself of this every time. Someone at enron becomes a problem and when that happens. It's time to go alligators fast. Out gets out of his chair paces with each passing second. He gets a little angrier. Then there's a knock at the door. Today's alligator has arrived. It's open jeff. Mcmahon enters enron corporate treasurer glorified accountants more. Like it and fastow hates him. You wanted to see me andy. Yeah how'd you meeting with jeffco my meeting with killing the slip your mind. You don't remember speaking jeff behind my back and do we really have to do this. Your problem talk right now. Fine the current situation with l. J. m. is completely untenable is it. Yeah you're enron. Cfo but separately. You run j. An investment fund. That does all its business with enron. Yeah so so. This is a conflict of interest about bankers at maryland. I union calling me you've launched. Ljm two now and you want them to provide debt financing and you're threatening to pull enron's business altogether if they won't do it and also enron employees are telling me that when they negotiate with ljm. It strongly implied that if they fight for themselves too hard they'll be punished with negative performance. Reviews over at enron andy. This is completely out of control. Fastow clinches and unconscious his fist in feel the heat in his face knowing he's turning red wonders what would happen if he just hit mcmahon right here in the office he could probably get away with it. But there's no need for such extreme measures yet. jeff. I don't know if we can continue working together and what you talk him l. g. m. is legal. Ljm is good for enron and as an employee of enron. That should be good enough for you. I need to look out for shareholders. Look out for them. Then that's not my problem. You think i don't know what this is about you know. Ljm is a great idea. You're just mad. You didn't think of it first and instead of coming up with something innovative on your own just trying to tear down when i built it's lazy and it's unethical. You're calling me unethical. Your little trick with a nigerian barges. Come on. I know everything that happens in this building. And everything you say to skilling gets back to me everything so just thinking about that next time you wanna run crying to him like a little bitch. Get out. mcmahon just stares back at him trembling with rage. he can't express fast grins. He knows skilling will soon have mcmahon transferred and he will no longer be able to stick his nose and fastow's business look at him broken man with nothing left to say just looking down to the carpet fast and watches him. Trudge back toward the elevators. If mcmahon didn't understand before who really runs things at enron he does now american scandal sponsored by malware. Bytes like your privacy. Tired of being tracked by ads for sites you just visited use public wifi at the coffee shop or airport. Sounds like you could use malware bytes cyber protection for everyone. Malware bites is complete cyber protection. That keeps all your devices and personal info. Safe from threats. So you can shop play in connect online without a second thought and their privacy. Vpn takes your security to the next level. It's a super fast next gen. Vpn that protect your online privacy and secure your wifi it helps you become invisible to trackers eased drivers and cybercriminals so your private information like passwords bank details. And even that surprise birthday gift stays private your retrial of malware bytes privacy. Today at malware bytes dot com slash vpn american scandal sponsored by clavijo attention commerce founders entrepreneurs side hustlers marketers and growth hackers. If you're working round the clock to build your dream e commerce business you need an commerce marketing platform that works just as hard as you do. That means unique. Clave you with clavijo. You'll delight customers and drive revenue at the same time with personalized email and sms marketing campaigns. That you can design and send in minutes plus building. A marketing campaign is drag and drop easy. You can get started with your first campaign in under an hour. An easily build from there with claves best-performing templates to get started with a free trial of club. You visit clavier dot com slash. Listen that's k. L. a. v. i. Yo dot com slash. Listen from.

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