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Ortiz also hired his own private investigators to look into the shooting. And who was behind it these private investigators eaters concluded what police investigators found that it was a case of mistaken. Identity Danny Gold. Who wrote that? Sports illustrated article said he has gone back and forth on what to really believe but he remains confused about one thing. If for t's really believes leaves it was a case of mistaken identity. Then why is he doing. The following David has done some interviews since the shooting and he is still nervous. It seems like there's a part of him that does think that he was targeted. That somebody wants to kill him so apparently you know he's really rescinded. Back from from public life he was known in the. Dr Is a guy who went. It's all over. You know he was in bad neighborhoods. He was at the bars with a narcos. Hang out. Were the REGGAE tone artist. Hang out places that a lot of rich folks. A A lot of other baseball players wouldn't go because he was just the guy that was so loved that he thought he was good wherever he went. Didn't have security nothing like that and now it seems like he's going to be a a lot more cautious moving forward so make of that what you will no one. There really expects it to ever be solved. It seems clear that if anything the the mystery remains in fact Danny noticed several popular memes in the Dominican Republic mocking the idea that the truth will ever for be revealed. Someone that means going around there was one with an astronaut in space. You know like walking out in space with like the little tube attached to him where it was like this is another one of the suspects. David Ortiz In the David Ortiz shooting another was. You're not a real Dominican unless you've been arrested in the investigation David Ortiz's shooting thing another had a genie show up and there is a day making guy asking him for all these wishes and the genius. I can't do that. That's one thing I can't do and his third wish is like okay. Tell me what really happened with. The David Ortiz shooting and the genie goes okay. Both those other wishes that you had for now re don't know what really happened. The government Vermont seems to have everyone in custody including the ringleader. Victor Hugo Gomez Vasquez in fact on Monday December. Second Caesar Caesar the abuser was also arrested in Columbia. There was no mention of big hobby. Caesar was reportedly arrested on a warrant charging him with cocaine in heroin distribution as for David Ortiz. I think it's important with all of the rumors and reports to not judge him. Here is Danny Gold with the last word. Even the people who believed that David was the target. Still don't think any less of him. You know they still to look at him as this guy who has done so much. Good that even if something went wrong with any of these other issues it doesn't negate the positive things he's done for the country in their eyes and there's some folks who also say you know. Even if David wasn't the target he was still out there. Hang out with narcos hanging out. Really shady eighty nightclubs spots. But the thing is that David came from those neighborhoods. You know these were the people he grew up around. These were the only other people who made it out and got money like he did so. I really don't think you can. You can blame him for who he chose to associate with or the kind of spots that he went to at night So I don't want to come off as a thing where you know. People are looking down at David Ortiz. This is a guy who really dedicated himself to doing as much good as he could next week on what really happened. Anna Sarokin. A German heiress was in her early twenties. She was living in Trendy New York City hotels and traveling around in the big gospels elite social circles but in reality she was a fraudster and when Anna went to court and then prison. We were all left wondering what really happened. If you like the podcast I humbly ask. You subscribe rate and review. It actually can make a big difference for any other feedback. You can reach out to me on twitter. INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK AD Andrew Jenks or go to jinx dot com for more information on the sources for this podcast..

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