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Of too much to lamberti's because it can lift the cells that we don't want multiplying cells that a precancerous enters multiply and you may not know this for a long time new kanses take up right decades he is news to develop so we don't want thank things to be going on in us upping our risk so so that's why we say the lifestyle things believe me exercises endeavour been shown to cause cancer so we say go for the things that have measurable effects in robberies well yarn curious about what you just said because they do have supplements now that are claiming to link than our telomeres are is that something that one would want to be skeptical of i'll i might even be dangerous in terms of cancer both both of those both of those down its unknown territory and wu a because human you know things play out of the such a long time frame it's going to be very hard to know if they're safe so and so that's why we say you assume power to do all the things that we know us safe over as essay exercise never caused any cancer that i'm aware o of now put us on head on with your exercising right we we do have to think of sun induced melanomas and things but but that that's that's where we are at uncertainty lemme measures dunen populations and studies and cohorts let you quantify how affected the exercises so it's quite a useful overruled readout and guidepost for an intervention like an exercise or lifestyle intervention you can use it as a readout and it'll be a good kind of reliable rhonda well a lot of these things such as managing stress and exercising eating better getting enough sleep are things that have been recommended for years as a salute the what is the specific connection between the habits and our telomeres that was what was so interesting listed in a we could now see that he was stress chaining us stress hormone balances changing how the rhythms of those holman stress hormones like cortisol we could see bela fix until me maintenance and then you could see okay.

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