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10. W i o D. Florida's governor is doubling down on the state's efforts to ban vaccine passports. Rico Shal report. Speaking in Pensacola governor Ron DeSantis said he has been vaccinated and he's offended that someone would make them show proof just to go to a restaurant or live life. The governor added Two passports create two classes of citizens. The Florida Department of Health is planning to levy $5000 fines on businesses, government and educational institutions requiring proof of vaccination from the public. Hi Rico show SpaceX has been officially greenlighted for go for their first all civilian launch. The inspiration for Mission team sent a tweet out Friday, saying inspiration for and SpaceX have completed our flight readiness review and remain on track for launch. The mission is set to take off from NASA's pad. 39 8 Kennedy Space Center in Florida on September 15th for private citizens will strap in the crew dragon spacecraft and blast off for three days circling the Earth. Legendary today show weatherman Willard Scott is dead at the age of 87 al Rocker posted the news on social media Saturday, saying he passed away peacefully surrounded by his family. Scott Joint NBC's Today show Back in 1980 is best known for wishing Happy Birthday to people celebrating their 1/100 birthday. A £44 baby Manatee is the youngest orphan calf ever treated at zoo Tep at Larry Park in Florida. The zoo shared on Facebook that the manatee was found in the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota County. The calf was rescued by Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium staff and field officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Zoo staff says the manatee size makes it the smallest rescued orphan calf they have ever treated. The Florida home used on the set of the movie. Edward Scissorhands is now a museum. The museum features six exhibits with original props from the Tim Burton Golf Classic, and the new owners have plans to expand. I'm Chris Caravaggio reporting. The Brian Mud shell. We come back from the Labor Day weekend. Will the state continue to take enforcement action against the Broward Miami Dade School districts? After the stay of Judge John Cooper's order, we'll talk.

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