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In july two thousand and two zach nelson joined the net ledger team as the ceo of the company nelson had also worked with oracle in the past so continuing the oracle association with net sweet but he had worked at other places too including mcafee sun microsystems and motorola interestingly nelson's degrees aren't in business he attended stanford and earned degrees in biological sciences and anthropoid and then became a ceo of a cloud based tech company wow i'm just saying i've got an english lit degree if you wanna make me ceo of a multibillion dollar company i although i doubt i could do nearly as good job is dead in september two thousand three net ledger officially would change its name to net sweet and would become the company that we now know although now of course is the division with an oracle the company had been offering a product called net sweet already those essentially the same sort of offering that was the oracle small business suite and this indicated that they were really going with software as a service beyond just accounting that will they didn't want to have net ledger indicate that they only were interested in accounting that they were doing other things so at this point the company services could also handle marketing department needs in addition to the other ones that are talked about and gradually net sweet was adding an all the standard processes and departments you would find in mid sized businesses now.

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