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Is Fox News. This report is brought to you by USAA life insurance company. Staying connected continues with one six one FM talk three sheriffs say North Carolina immigration Bill meant to target seven newly elected shares. The measure would force law enforcement at check if an arrested person as a legal resident when they're charged wake sheriff Gerald Baker calls it horrible legislation still have the right to do certain things. Now, you want to because you feel that way about a matter. You want to us law to force us joining Baker where Mecklenburg county, scary McFadden and bunk comes Quentin Miller. The Bill might penalize law enforcement with termination, if they didn't check immigration status. Two men arrested in the shooting death of a taxi driver in garner last week, make their first quarter parents, their warrant says the two killed thirty six year old El Hajji sick over one hundred dollars. We've learned the name of the man who died in police custody in Greensboro, Kathy white says he caused quite the scare for Maybank. Dr. Family it began as a knock on the door. When Jessica Taylor answered thirty five year old Erin Andrews tried to force his way in she shut and locked the door. Taylor told her eleven year old son and four year old daughter to hide in a bathroom as Andrews, tried everything to get in ringing, my doorbell, non stop, begging my chairs against the door throwing some of the kids toys against the door just trying to break in Taylor says, Andrew seem very erratic when police arrived handcuffed him and turned him over to EMS for transport to the hospital. That's when the suspect became unresponsive and died. The FBI is still investigating. I'm Cathy, white deputies in craven county are looking for the person or persons responsible for leaving abused. Kittens on a bridge? They found several on highway seventy in James city. ABC eleven says they believe some of them may have been thrown from a moving vehicle. I'm rob Stadler? From the JD service now plumbing heating and air conditioning, traffic center, crash on capitol outbound side at Burlington bills already backed up all the way back to five forty and a lot of folks already been using false of news. And Lewisburg rotas alternates also serious crash on Crete more Channing of built directions, just a bit south of highway ninety eight. Stray shower thunderstorm possible here overnight. Otherwise part that mostly cloudy skies, seventy two much better chance for.

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