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Mm in addition to being with superintendent at the school campbell had been an athlete himself some sources actually credit him with being the one who introduced basketball at fort shot but it was definitely played there for a couple of years before he became superintendent from his own first hand experience he thought athletics were a good way to build a person self esteem and sense of worth on top of helping to develop a strong and healthy body so he focused on improving and building up all the schools athletics teams but it was really the girls basketball team that he saw as having the most promise for bringing good publicity to the school and its students basketball had barely made its way into montana at this point there were so few other teams to play against that the foreshore girls team's first game against another school was actually against a boys team and that he was from great falls them campbell organized another girls team in sun river which was not far away so the fort shotty would have someone else to play when it was time for games he would bring the sun river team in by wagon fort shot defeated sudden river easily every time of course more more schools more other programs started having basketball teams but the play against those other teams the fort shot team had the start travelling farther and farther away and late nineteen o2 they travel to butte montana by waggin and then trained where they where they defeated the butte high team fifteen to nine the next day they travel to helena again by train and this time they were defeated fifteen to six.

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