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Of the guy always a scene and silk pajamas a pipe in his hand and and beautiful women on his arm i'll ask wills gave auriol a man in custody in colorado is now being looked at for a possible connection to the double murder of two teens and delphi indiana earlier this year abc's mark remillard has more indiana state police confirms to abc news that is looking into a possible connection between the arrest of daniel nations in colorado in the murders of abigail williams and liberty german in delphi indiana back in february a spokespersons says nations was booked into jail for weapons possession and is a registered sexoffender indiana state police say nation says a similar appearance to some of the composite sketches of their person of interest in in the case but stressed they've received more than a thousand photos of people who have similar appearances to the sketch mark remillard abc news one person is dead and another injured after a massive rockslide adieu symmetry national park yesterday climber peters them broad tells tells us he was there when it happened aw 18 late granite tied him an apartment building at each one to be made by one hundred feet linkage become peeling off the wall warring a helicopter drew flew missions yesterday looking for more victims so far no other injuries reported and russian smith be fanning the flames of the nfl anthem controversy on capitol hill yesterday senator james lankford a member of the senate intelligence committee said russian trolls have been busy tweeting on both sides of the issue trying to push the divisiveness in the country more from abc news chief investigative correspondent brian ross many of the ads in this the gator say came from an operation in saint petersburg russia where young russians are hired to send out fake news a former employs says she worked there in two thousand fifteen hoping to expose the operation or the socalled trolls worked for twelve hours shifts frame will come along the former employ fluid louisville assange of town abc news facebook was one of their main platforms at revolution is.

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