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The last day of the tax angry and i'm going to play show england e3 endured to win just say and the guy wickets left on the last day there's no way in the world aside but go flat three hundred shells hope they would unsold zoa our they skate knows many way owner not many is it that it on the last day on june avenue right where i slept when the bomb yami start johnson i'm playing shows no even if i go i go i go out at old trafford and it's as much in two thousand and five about forty odd shinbones boy round the wicket incident roof experienced who were and an either out caught mid on chinese him for sickle your strobe recharge your measure denver enjoys you lost again nobody for four hours and quincy i was in for about fifty minutes about forty two upper pave the table lugan we will imposition bill asked now we didn't lose we will you want we win the series okay but i'm sure john role in jail i would say somebody's not welcome some of these name zero you say geoffrey boycott right if he was playing in magadan a should be good i would know what gm would know what she in what is the pilot baby really baby fred's what may be there are certain sports people do embrace the aesthetics we want to look good we want to entertain and even if it might cause you still nor point that i look good i wasn't type apply i wasn't i wasn't like aggressed will bore i wasn't the beautiful book abreu severe igf boos at second wicket igf was out second wicket the cargo by his crowd.

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