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Jim that's what i want thanasis sleeping on his farm sneaking feel time what i love is that it's in the comics and in in the movie the gems are all powerful right and so you have this huge power disparity already you're talking about hope level fighter level help strength like the most strongest beings that if hawkeye was here puck i would get crushed this mind be broken again but they limit that power by showing the can only activate the gems when he when he makes the fist i like that and they fought him by holding his hand open and also the powers limited by his mind the power gem theoretically if you had if wipe out entire civilization but he uses it to push people side pull a moon in but he can even pull the full moon in all willpower it was green lantern ring i like that aspect of the reality change reality but only when he was there so you think they'll use those limitations to been the writers have to use half that awesome tations otherwise was written in the comics that is that the weakness of the infinity outlet is the wear of the gunman what about all the people that died so i think there's some perm debts i think loki heimdahl yep argonne what an end for tom middle hilson who's did lucky i like beginning of the movie that's it i love how he went out i thought i expected him to go out and how he went out the also his warning to was also accurate because wearing the thing is to become god.

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