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The Middle Finger potato periods are much better person I have known people that kind of pooh-poohed your that doubt if you are now coming around and kind of essentially something your Dick I'll be yeah I mean I would be creaming this all the way home but he's a much better person than me but somebody somebody speeches that he's done so far some videos that they see in the studio been amazing on the play one from ABC that Kinda shows the breadth of the studio and just how amazing it is this video evidence I took an instagram account that color cases the entire place is like a coach service that's taken some of the guests throughout the entire law and talking about what the what each studio is named the order co studio faces they film stuff been it's an amazing three thousand square meters or something like that is amazingly big brothers and it it is amazing space and again it just goes to show just how just how just done dreaming big deal your opinion of keeping your head down in that regard assistant credible place look at it for many television productions a believe they hit shown is leading was wrong and the has also houses in one of our latest show in order to be used in Yeah all the houses are built in the studio to code so people actually living it looked like just cobbled for cades and you know hello student inside they can film in there actually House that you can actually you know living off the use of the studio kind of rented Nulla neutral amazing Thailand Sustainability Kasese Kinda tied into it and just an incredible incredible space overrule they've got exact replica of the White House which is insane which is Socal the oval that he's doing they're just incredible incredible incredible thing all over the place and Isao Stage is named after a famous micon which is incredible to even spike Lee whose long is long term bursary in the film industry someone who hasn't really gave him his name take the years when you both winning your book get old I think the older you get the less primitive people you just start to think you know what this isn't it they decided to kind of squash the beef and kind of buried a hatchet and he's decided to name one off the him to those of amazing spaces there but the one we did it really got me thinking Denzel Washington Studio there won't be that really got me thinking is hoping was he said about what kind of spurred this idea to stop these kind of you know go down this route I think somebody mission happening to the five right WHOA can I see it the here is the type of person he didn't dream big enough list voices here by making sure your dream big this is really a key thing there was a moment that having two thousand five at the legends ball upon people topers legend the first movie not a lot of people knew me in the room and I'm sitting there wondering what it might do it in this room and a lot of Adam sick next minute they said out loud she goes leaving they're seeing that's the first thing you have to get over when you're trying to achieve your dreams I posted something that's hard to kind of get it onto I think sometimes some people think people say the Milwaukee do the less of an imposter syndrome you tend to have ride the Milwaukee to turn out your brain sauce two cats aloke order kind of stuff that avenue archive and Susta makes sense day because didn't shut tonight Talia passats and I can pay the people who else agnew Rubel Okay Cool Debbie look I'm the work I was at this gathering humans there's some sort of similarities happening there but still does feel weird when you read a place in the room with people that you've long admires people that you've kind of watched their brecca's company people that you've floetry magazine people field listen to podcast you kind of absorb every bit of content out there is kind of hard to kind of seal on the same level as them but the moment you do is when we start to realize that all the things that they've done our window reach too that's kind of question you have to get over it touch again tasting it feeling the excitement of what it meant to see a woman a black woman being able to do that spoke to meet in so many ways and I'm on video saying Mr in my cardiac big I'm looking great I said I'm just absolutely and my thing leaving here I'm going to drink bigger entry the so thousand thousand thousand seed that one event is what showed him okay quietly dreaming bigger that's an amazing thing I think we will be that situation where somebody has done something all your money appreciate somebody in your in your social group work that way better because you've known that person for a long time right you can kind of see we know who they are like I don't necessarily have like visiting my my idol is really have like a lofty or like a far opinion or like a I don't see professional blizzard Abba wildly because I went to school would look I oppose right one one of my ex kind of classmates once when I went to school with who I knew back globally I west damage kind of you know a Western legend by law a one club before you can apply for also backing us a kid he says she'd been out west I'm his whole life and I knew him when he was playing for Western when school right he was a good player don't get me wrong but it was nothing I could see that he was probably a notch a level of natural ability that gave him the advantage but there's also this idea that because he was right next to me I could see what I needed to get to see that needs to be a football of course workouts loud but if a way to be a footballer I could see what my level what my ball was what the buys the aim towards because he's right there next to me he's kidding I'm watching TV right and that makes it much CASSIA fee to kind of deal with it also allows dreaming because the hold on if he's doing it I can do it too because he's a kid just let me think for Tyler Perry that must be crucial member to be nice listen to be like no I belong here this should be right seeing somebody that Oprah being celebrated Oh sing just that whole celebration of excellent quote unquote a spider tobacco the oh this should be true this is par trajectory to and I need to kind of focus in dire lynn able to kind of be on that on that path to and I think that's the that's w why a lot of entrepreneurs say to people into changing social group into kind of hanging on says because the route to be successful in just a hardware isn't just the did you do diligence is this idea that surround yourself with people who are also consistently chasing off their dreams who are not spending money on supreme or buying sneakers or going out to random places who are using every amount of coins coming into their pockets to kind of follow into their dream to spending every minute and they have free a new facebook campaigns are too 'cause testing out new marketing strategies or just kind of custody of the hustle is GonNa make you kind of close to be on hustle to because it's something that you can't help it it's an it's an avenue Gamer Gamer essentially you get good too because the Cisco Sicily being exposed at world you're streaming online hanging with him again and again I think that's that's really cool to see and again for me like I if it was me and I was tired Perry I'd be like Middle Finger uh he's a much much better person than I am and he's probably let bygones be bygones but wow what an amazing career and what amazing that he's done by large and then last I pray that way to pay ownership one and it's got me thinking about wild up why why don't more people within the black entertainment industry decided to speech he gave at the bt would early this year we got to give him a lifetime achievement what I think of some sort and he talks about the need for ownership right and the fact that you know talks Oscarssowhite he had to go away and do think but this is kind of what he has to say right this and it got me thinking more intense again maybe it's maybe early the Senate chosen but let's see what has come up the the in the studio was confederate army base and I won't you hear this which meant that there was a confederate soldiers on that face plotting and planning to keep Nine million negroes enslaved now that land Bub one Negro in this too on to help somebody cross while everybody was fighting for a seat in the tables on but Oscar so White House y'all go ahead and do that but why are you fighting for the table I'll be down in Atlanta building my own that's the major speech about ownership but I don't really think people kind of heat will take much notice but something always kinda wondered right we'll do this money convene industry they would just need to be signed you look at the whole laughing complaining that he went to Gaba labeled and he gets obviously when he resigned back toward never made a liberal water progress again maybe in his eyes you know he has a different view of how he was created go and he kind of wants our big neighbour push machine to be behind him kind of pushing down the line he was on the same level as a kid Kadi's drake's if he kind of peer group TJ holes and he doesn't see him being able to do that maybe an independent label maybe being licensing itself but this needs to constantly be situated next to a big brand is very interesting to me especially within the niche community but you've been an under represented so you you'd think that you'd want to be have more ownersh more you think you'd have to have multiple choice of ownership we've been a small I represented community because then it would make your influence more will far far reaching influence more far-reaching because essentially you will have to be you wouldn't have to be dictated by these Bratislava dictate the terms they have to meet your your toes because you you had you have audience you have everything prepared you have your students have cameras you have a ready made audience that are engaged I have to do they don't have to go to them to them to get you have to go to them to get draw they have to come to UTICA doors get the renovation and I've wanted maybe it's a heart maybe it's a harder take like independence in music is difficult to kind of decide to kind of you know go out and find your marketing team Garate and design or design your market run guardian trying to figure out what packing do figure out what the best places to go to radio interviews with these do on your own as a team but there are vice that doing that kind of way so with the support of major label they kind of use the major label this kind of funding machine completely keeping all their operations in house that works as well I would like to see a little bit more of an independent stabbed people just take the lane to be acknowledged it completely on my own and with a sell it from our website I'm GonNa have audit tickets for my own platform a replica TIKKI TIKKI in person company or wherever you may be called do so then when you push away your undeniable and there's nowhere else and there's no way you can take it on your own maybe par up with a big label but again it's an amazing story. Congratulations beside price doers amazing sign on the highway has Saint Taya prestigious than we thought Linda it just completely inspiring and again I think that kind of inspiration we'll go on a ripple through the patches of time and will help you see a lot more than your generation kind of taken a mental on designed to thing if you too because we need more Melissa we've got some very interesting comments from one Casanovas regarding six nine as you are aware six nine is going through or has gone through a big trial in the US he's involvement with the nine trae gyns sending his involvement with gangs in general New York consigning the whole way his career from zero to a hundred is base.

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