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Chumps people seem to be enjoying this complete nonsense you guys. I'm having a good time with this. Aren't you surely Sony Time? With man I'm loving it and it's and it's summer. Moore's with Conan in the chill chops because you're not a Chilton's. That's right. Yeah, you're the opposite of chill. Chill your neither chill, nor chum. You're a true anxious. Neurotic Chums, yeah. I'm an anxious, neurotic type A freak, who? You to coast behind, that must be nice using you get to be chill. Chums, because I'm so not a chilled chum that I. Know It should be a summer s'mores with sonal Matt and the up tight enemy. Doesn't really roll off. The tongue doesn't know, but you know I'm excited because this is a very special edition. In fact I would say this is an interruption of more than the chill chums. Wouldn't you yes well deserved? Deserved interruption. Many of you probably think o Connor O'Brien. He won't be talking to any famous people this summer, just zone and Matt. Why hear that a lot of a lot of people on the street I hear the muttering. No famous people well guess what. Does that also include you. Know famous people. No I am. Delighted because we're going to have a little break from Conan and chill chumps, because today we have I. Think one of the biggest and best stars in the world joining us on the podcast. Pas Yes wait. It probably just comes up, doesn't it? Come up anyway who it is. It's no surprise it does so. What a big Crock of Shit that I'm going to act like this is a big surprise because I just realized that it says it says Tom Hanks is on the show. In fact, it's never surprised when I. DO THE TV show it says before I, even walkout. Who the? The guest is so I've never been able to unveil a surprise in my entire fucking life I know until we start the episode with Tom Hanks going hello. My name is Tom Hanks Oh. That's right act like my gosh. Exactly like Oh, now you've figured out who it is and my intro. It's like yet. They listen to the beginning of the episode. They've been notified.

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