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Even business people gravitate towards people they like and that is what has helped grow mako medical labs you see their cars zipping all around town yeah they're blowing up because it's good people and they also are doing good for the community learn more mako medical dot com remember you have a choice in your healthcare troops families the military's more than its journey and every step along the way u._s._o.'s inexperienced soldier never feel yet that's what the u._s._o. from the time they joined to the time they transition out of the military the u._s._o. offering programs and support it's way more than a free phone call to stay mom and the u._s._o. makes it Learn more today, USO dot. voted on the conversation starts here is what we wanted mrs. won't we will one six one f._m. stay connected this is news alert special counsel robert muller agrees to testify on capitol hill next month after being subpoenaed president trump tweeting and calls that presidential harassment house speaker nancy pelosi out with a statement referring to russian election interference in saying we are pleased that the american people will hear directly from special counsel muller our national security is being threatened and the american people deserve answers faulk says joe nato breaking news from galveston the u._s. military says to service members have been killed no details or names at this time and the house approved emergency spending bill for humanitarian aid to immigrants at the southern border including money to care for migrant children in u._s. custody now assistance turn majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will get it done this week in cues democratic leader chuck schumer of stalling mike emanuel i'm carmen robertson The Fox News alerts. one front will continue to push northeast with.

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