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No no no no change the subject i asked you a question let's do it let's have a conversation you wanted to have a conversation don't run from it you answer okay because i just ask you the same question i just asked you nothing's changed i'm sorry to confuse you i would never argue with sean who's a better player i hear you guys do it all the time this guy damn near gm he's been in the trenches he knows all this stuff but you got a willing to argue with them you have no so enlighten me on your college career actually this is probably been the dumbest conversation i've ever been apart so go no no callback another time it just bring up random conversations about people's race in the middle of a basketball conversation about speaking with a former football player and not being able to have a basketball conversation with set football player is one of the dumbest conversations i think instead of sending it to commercial i'll just let ross plants off with one of his favorite clips from billy madison ross you send us to that and send us a break we'll come back and we'll be one less ignorant personal the show today what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things i've ever heard at no point in your rambling.

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