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That's a new direction for all of us. I think that we could really take forward steps towards because I always for many years with my relationship with my father thought it was about what he had done to me. That what he was going through, I never cared about what he was going. Through I cared about him getting there so that our relationship would be better in that I would not have to deal with what he was doing to me, so it was about me and with empathy. It's changed, and now I'm looking at him from his perspective in thinking man, this man was suffering in a lot of pain for forty plus years, and when I saw it from his perspective and started to have that empathy, it changed everything, and so on my thinking, here is a new direction for all of us would be to just have a little more empathy, and I know we've been talking about forgiveness for an hour, but the idea of empathy for me led me to be able to forgive my father, and so I would say, let's let's be more empathetic, and let's look towards living a life of empathy wherever it takes us. I love that. His name is Jason. Romano, books called live to forgive by the way he's going to new book coming that justice come out come out, called the uniform of leadership, please. On the blog right up that I do with the show I will have links to both books as a matter of fact, so that you can check up with books live to forgive as well as the uniform of leadership, and I will also have links to Jason's website so that you can reach out to him. Jason is extraordinarily giving. When it comes to reaching out to him, I can tell you that first hand because I'm a nobody and he. For whatever reason is heart was yeah I'll do the show so I am, but we're both nobody's Jay. Nobody? So I do appreciate it, so folks. That's to show you know what I say every week you know. Be, inspired. Because when you're inspired, that means you can inspire other people and win. They're inspired. That means in terms they can inspire others as well and that can make this world. An amazing place I'M GONNA be back next week with another great guests in a great book, and it's going to be another great show, and as I say to you everybody every week, Chow everybody..

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