CBS, Sean Payton, Texas discussed on Suiting Up with Paul Rabil


But having that conversation face to face and having a room full of people here that conversation in real time live is something that i think it's still valuable in our society and then it gets overlooked the lot it's so valuable it's it's why i actually i waited to be able to just sit down with you we could have hopped on scale or hopped on the phone and in some cases we have to acquiesce because it's important and there's timing and schedule in particular and media but are sitting here just giving physical kutahya in feeling the vibe in the that takes a conversation different levels of action to a different level yeah yeah absolutely i feel that when i do interviews on cbs of the the radio showed that i do if i know a person right sean payton who comes on our show often during the football season find no him back and i can feel what he's doing you know what i mean as i ask him a question or brand and ask a question and it's like all right i know what his emotion is right guy even i can't see it i know it because i know him well in up but if it's someone who i've never met i have no idea we talk to chris mack who was a hit go to texas taken on basketball team and i can't like like i don't know if he's angry you i don't know if he's joking i don't i have no idea right you can't feel it because there's no personal connection right um i love the personal connection i've always been a people person you every think about it from online and offline how are we leveraging new media well but then making sure that we're doing events and work with young kids in lacrosse while i have you here because this has been packed with utilities already there are there are a few other things that that you've touched on that would be really helpful and you've you've mentioned joe carini few times yeah how valuable he was to you and in a man using football as a platform to reach other people they're trying to stay healthy and fit and so you wrote the book pure hard work out and that.

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