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Hundred two two eight forty four 35 good morning john euromed kelo good morning greg john happy groundhog day too sir um 5 out of concealed weapons permits so probably close to forty years and i've actually went back and went through the nimble system to get a specialized number so that if i want to purchase firearm i just enter that number on the application and means i've already had the thorough fbi you know a check and personally i think you need that i i wouldn't want to be a law enforcement officer with everybody that can legally carry avenue concealed weapon without actually going through anything to verify the fact they should evan uh you know all the felony deal yeah definitely not especially with any violent so long they use but i'd like to see him go one step further and actually we have a database where people with concealed weapons permits when you get pulled over for a traffic violation when they they run your plate run your name it would let law enforcement know that you do have a concealed weapon that way if they've come up and after the you know see it in your kotor something they know your legal before the easier does it i know that those who carry if they could step by law enforcement have to be very proactive letting law enforcement no that they've got a consistent the concealed carry why yeah like me at although i have taken off their want to do is walk up to a car near somebody would've 45 or something in their care right but so you're really can't so you're comfortable with the way things are right now very i mean for me the background check was just to verify that there was nothing out there in my record this you know guinea anywhere dealt with fee if i go over to minnesota and go to gander mountain or whatever and i want wanna buy a gun it'd be nice to know that year clear before you walk into the store instead of going through and have it they'll go through all this stuff then get tonight john call thank you my friend for three six 1320 the couple hotline one eight hundred two two eight forty.

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