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Thank you, Scott. What is it like to see him today? It kind of takes my breath away Scott. Does that helps to bring some closure and some help? Help, for heroes, has been the mission of the Carnegie fund for 117 years. It has bestowed 10,000 medals and awarded $40 million. And back in 1904, Andrew Carnegie sensed what science has now confirmed. Heroes, he said, can not be created. They act on an impulse. A mysterious gift to the few. Now, an update on a story we first reported in 2018. Sharon alphonse looked at how a plastic plague was turning oceans into vast garbage dumps. A young Dutch inventor buoyant slat created a device meant to clean up the notorious great Pacific garbage patch. The eventual goal of this cleanup is to get to a 90% reduction by the year 2040. The combination of pipe and nylon netting collected more publicity than plastic. But slots organization the ocean cleanup has developed a new design. In tests, this summer and fall, its successfully collected some 63,000 pounds of ocean plastic. I'm John wertheim. We'll be back next week with another edition of 60 minutes. If anything has got a chance of solving the world's problems, it's science and technology. And every breakthrough was the result of somebody doing the breaking through. I'm David pogue. This is unsung science. The untold creation stories behind the most mind-blowing advances in science and tech. Presented by CBS News and Simon and Schuster. You can listen to unsung science wherever you get your podcasts..

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