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The observation that you and your nineteen Eighty-one team. Maybe for the first time made it okay for a small school in Clemson, South Carolina, small southern town to think big just like like, you said I mean back then you didn't think about Clemson as being a football powerhouse. And Jane made the observation that you may. Made it. Okay. Your team made it okay for Clemson. And Clemson fans to start believing that they were national champions, and basically opened the door for these thirty plus years later for coach Sweeney to lead his team to a national title, and maybe another title tonight. Probably correct. I mean, certainly if you've never been there before it's always hard to get in the first time, then then maybe trying to repeat, but all of them are hard. I'm terribly hard for anybody to play for a national championship. And and you know, we we wishing the best luck in their game. And what they're gonna do. And tonight hope that they come with winter. They got a lot of work, of course. But you know, it can be done. And and we look forward to watch it. And I think probably eighty one team did. Do some things to make make some things possible here today. Yep. Coach four in just a few hours. Of course, the Tigers will be taking the fill to once again be facing the crimson tide. You've been in that situation in these big games. What is coach Dabo Sweeney doing right now? What's he doing with his players to prepare for tonight's game? They've done everything they can do at this day. There's nothing you can do now that worry about what's going to happen. Once you start playing. That's the pair that have we have plenty of time to practice and go see you game plan and do everything that is necessary to get your team play the very best. They can play. You don't expect any anyone either team to play bad than they expect both of them be fully motivated and the wa- once in a lifetime opportunity so both motives are gonna play hard. So, you know, all you can do right now next year, they all get on the bus and get them get to the stadium, right? Day coach, Danny Ford coats. What has changed in coaching since you were calling the plays back in the eighties today. Well, you know, that's the one about a lot more than than we did back in eighties. There was no one though in all this back then on now, and they're probably a little bit more gifted at at quarterbacks in receiving because all these passing leagues they have in the summer. They been a lot of time in catch the football. So I would think that that the throwing the football biggest part that more and more changes as far as you know, how hard you work in the white problems. And and they that I would say that they got a lot more nutritionist, and they know more about the correct food than we did back in our day. And you know, we had we had a cafeteria, and they said what they said, you know, now, they got all these supplements and everything else, but I mean, it's got to be a little bit more scientific than it was. Back at day understand that coach Ford after you left Arkansas you came back to Clemson. And you've called it home ever since what's special about Clemson, South Carolina to Danny Ford. Where most of my family was was was raised here. You know, and and they have been here most of their lives and most of my friends were were in here in South Carolina. I spent more time and and here at my lifetime that age and than anywhere else. So I you know, we had to farm here. And it was part of Dale with Clemson. And and certainly enjoy it and it still enjoy it to the day. So, you know, the reason we came back here. It's because of her friends and our families relationship with other people, sure. Yeah. Other than winning the national championship and the other just the huge success that you enjoyed while at Clemson. What's one of your fondest memories of that of that era? Most of most is most important. It would be the players. You know, you remember them feel call today and still see some of them had a bunch of Colin which is happy new year merry Christmas. And all this kind of thing..

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