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Remember all over with them there were in making a big he'll need more money wherever they're all habit new and be what could be hurting our group hebron have turn down that gonna hurt the people but it was the one who were making kirk about get in their way the pain job we have rarely kelly down murdered give now we take our operating a arraigned on earth over many many owed the minimum wage wii new i water you madam ooi long coat they were living very well upi a new year and on and on and on her dog does upper four no one can make a living emirate narrowing the moral we will bring morning we even amid gluco gary von currently for in your mouth in queens hang up group by crime pin weekdays it too kfi am 640 more stimulating talk when president trump is asked what's the proof where's the beef i'd like to see the beef and i'm not getting it i know the emails are coming all you do is uh attack trump attack trump attack trump yeah on this one yes and for those of you that are screaming at me would you like to see some evidence or you're just okay with the president saying it's there either way i'll take my way bill handel weekdays at 600 right after the wakeup call at five on kfi am 640 more stimulating talk law day so i invite.

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