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Time, but we are blessed be together. Her husband Ali Hassan has dual citizenship and brought their son here for treatment for genetic brain disease. This is Fox News. Explosive confrontation at a pharmacy. Good morning. I'm Jacqueline Scott the KT. Okay new center, and this is Oklahoma's first news sunshine today and fifties today as well. Our forecast is coming up one person is dead and two others are injured after an argument between a customer and a store clerk at a Tulsa, Walgreens led to his shooting. Police say the dispute erupted yesterday at the photo counter and both the customer and the clerk pull handguns and fired at each other. The clerk was not hurt but another employee and another customer were wounded, the state has reached a plea agreement with Richard and Ryan Tate who were the former executives have publishing and take music group in Mustang. Prosecutors maintain the Tate's swindled more than twenty two hundred people out of their property and money, they paid to have their music or books published or produced as part of the plea. They were charged with thirty eight felonies and six misdemeanors. The two men will spend the next two decades on probation in order to pay more than eight hundred. Twenty thousand dollars in restitution state attorney general Mike hunter says his office has set up a restitution account and is working on a system to begin paying victims back as soon as possible a former shawny police officer who was arrested earlier this year on allegations of child abuse says now facing another charge Darryl Bordeaux is now charged with domestic assault and battery by strangulation Bordeaux is accused of pushing his forearm against his wife's naked attempt to cause great bodily harm several law enforcement agencies and Oklahoma are teaming up this weekend with N DUI team to conduct high visibility patrols and checkpoints. Officials say this is part of the nationwide drive sober or get pulled over campaign to get impaired drivers off the roads checkpoints will be set up Friday night OH says in two thousand seventeen one hundred seventy one people were killed and alcohol related crashes in Oklahoma..

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