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La is the founder and ceo of air meet a virtual event platform for virtual summits and workshops. It's very souped up zoom. That's how i look at it. We talk about how his parents found out about him. Starting air when they read about it in a newspaper story they wanted his career to go in a different direction so he had kept that from them. And how he's betting big on. What he believes is the fundamental shift to remote work. He describes the computer as a humble friend. The follows all your instructions. I got a kick out of that here. We go with bislett mangle. Let welcome to the podcast. Actually i happen to be here. Yeah i've been looking forward to this because what you're gonna learn about today by the way is We've got a phenomenal entrepreneur from india with us today who's been involved in multiple companies in his latest. As you heard the introduction. Air meat is something. You're gonna all be familiar with kind of because for the last year. In plus plus most of us has been doing all of our meetings and conferencing extent. We were doing them on a video platform like a zoom for example. And we're all used to batter as used to it as you can be when you put aside the fact that you're not actually engaging with people live like like you're used to and let's current company is doing something really special with with video conferencing that you may not have ever seen before so it's gonna be really interesting to to to to learn about him and to learn about that as well. Let let i start every podcast with the same simple question. How did happen for you. And that's always a good question to answer. I and so for air me. Let me take you back to britain. Sixteen right Five years ago and it was running sixteen. I just sort of wrapped up my my beavis company which wasn't real estate and i was sort of in war with the acquiring company in hanover detector and then in bangalore there was this ward startup expert. That was happening. It was a pd. Even it was happening very large vanu close to five hundred startups from all the news station present and and then east given once more desk once more desk anonymity founders was supposed to stand there for all these days and give the same bitch to everybody. Who's coming and visiting so that events me toward that. It was leased to ours for me to drive to that event..

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