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In the Dodgers seven three one LA Rainey fire and that one is too low radius pitch twice that is given to you runs on two hits community getting a third the regular year fifty two appearances of three nine one ERA here's the pin swing and a miss breaking ball the dirt at its wanted one you see all these examples with Taylor radio space for two thousand and nineteen forty eight in the third inning seventy four strikeouts I'll but we thirty eight walks so there's good and bad swaying in the ball popped in the air left side Turner on the dirt backpedals on the grass a makes a one handed catch was stuff is so good burger mean hill had a hundred a fastball it's got a beautiful slider he can work off of it I cannot control man most nights one gathers Chris Dodgers leader we want doctors got up to well over the four for mac once you have sold over in the second for PK Hernandez in the six one sold RBI single that's where we are three one LA and the winner of this one moves on to the NLCS if it's the Dodgers that happen but anywhere they'll open it hold on Friday against the cardinals it's the nats they opened in Saint Louis no that's downstairs and what makes it so fun right now who is how you get those out so for the Dodgers you've got get six left we get a from who do you go do you send Kerr shop back out there I think I would still the one for him to be a lefty specialist Dr wanted one down still up in the nationals in the pitch swinging a ball popped in the year shall first base side zipper been near the stands at hill road at a room I don't honestly rule out the possibility and maybe you'll say I'm crazy here thank her shop finishes this game I'm with you I mean I do think you're crazy just on a more right fair enough with that comment yes and it's sad to say but when you look at the best arms that they've got out there Joe Kelly pager biased and Kenley Jansen those are the three options it's scary Joe Kelly and paid for by the command and can we dance of is given up the tone of the total runs the ones who is the heir Satterfield right center shallow coming on he spring to get it makes it to a cat now there's two down the back to the top of the order in Peter said eight blown saves my chance of the season and even though you know that's an option I just think for Dave Roberts stop with going through his mind it isn't set in the past I feel like it has been it's been seven sitting we go here we go here this part a line up this is my guy the only thing we might see for sure is Adam cleric based one third of the whole thing sure thing he's gone with Dave Roberts out of the dugout points to the bed for Corey called again this call before that brought you buy geissele with guy go we'd get a guy go cold and you could save so much it's scary to out here in the bottom of the seventh Dodgers three nationals one of this is that actually division series on ESPN radio ESPN the American League division series after dropping the first two names is used in the ways respond by winning two straight at all allows for to the opposite field the series returns to Houston with a trip to the American League championship on the line game five of the Astros in race tomorrow at six thirty eastern on ESPN radio and on the ESPN app presented by auto so you're back in the studio game five raise an Astros tomorrow night Kevin caches raise that responded being down two in the series they didn't hang their hats which then expect them to do that I think Charlie ward had a big role not knowing that we were getting our version of those guys to pitch for us in game three and he certainly one out that at that moment kinda carried over from Charlie's outing to the bass waking up a little bit and then yesterday for the fans everybody get involved and were back in this atmosphere again which is good as ours was theirs was very similar to the games one and two couple of former pirates teammates will be the pictures tomorrow Tyler Glaspell for Tampa Bay Gary Cole for Houston I don't miss the Astros and raised in the American League division series presented by do son tomorrow seven eastern time on FS one and you'll hear it here on ESPN radio beginning at six thirty eastern time seven thirty pitching change doctors with a two run lead back to Los Angeles John champion just commandos by testing at the end of that hotels circling the series right last known Gary Cole that should be fun tomorrow night our game here Patrick Corbin he is in a real place Jack meter six two outs bases at the bottom seven Dodgers three NASA want doctors about hip to that six four how much confidence the let the jock Peterson this is a regular season game you would seem to swap out variety jock doesn't always get a lot of chances against lefties Corbett swings misses gracious it delivers I was starting to say Patrick Corbin yes the second full swing Mrs in the majors outside this zone change swings and misses that is the thing he does really well we're touching got it earlier with Strasbourg orbit deliveries and that's done away so again we talk about Strasbourg getting chase Corbin was second best at getting chased swings services in the big leagues this year he does it with that slide one one down lefty turns live select fire swaying in a mess Peter said pulling off that choose a job by the count of three to one Jack the double a single and a ground out one two where did it is and that is that corporate gets his band were headed to the H. Dodgers leading to that three one you're listening to the National League division series on ESPN radio and ESPN all those thing gets done and that seventh ranked Florida number five LSU eastern on ESPN radio and on ESPN Dr pepper the right time with Bomani Jones one of rue's apparently wanted to be known that there would be no more stuff like that was a man who's had enough and I guarantee there while he had his hand around a dues neck at some point you said to him one of the G. goes will act right you have regular village you go you don't I write if I let you go and Dale's probably die you can listen or subscribe to the right time with Bomani Jones on the E. S. P. N. at apple podcast over every listener ESPN college football primetime and that coach Dan Mullen and they didn't get to take on Jones high octane tiger office.

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