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Texas, Louisiana. Get ready, Get their hair washed, really like it or not, Cat for coming up to maybe a cat five. Poison it the Louisiana Texas border. So if you look at that they can't tell Perkins follow the path of least resistance. Hot water. I think that's how they track where they're going to go because they do the water temperatures. It's always going to follow the hottest water. Run run. Let's bring Beverly Back up, Beverly welcome backed on the edge. Thank you. Now, you Ah, We're relating your story. I asked you to call the show because I wanted you to expose this knocking over the whole thing again. We'll be in the archive tomorrow. Their own Dad can't be your husband. Was put into an elderly elder care facility and went in without having covert 19. I call it that because that's what you're calling, and I call it the China merger of ours and end it and contracted it there. And was put in there through this, governor Whitmer think about putting people in all folkshomes correct. Correct. OK, So, uh, where you with? This husband was confined to his room. By the way, he was never allowed to leave his room. Was he capable of walking around with the ambulatory? He had a walker before he had been admitted to well, bridge. He was able to walk from his room to the atrium there in ST Joseph. Mercy, Okay? When he had been admitted to well, bridge, which was supposed to be a 4.5 star facility. He would never see any of the amenity. He was confined to his room. What was that some kind of protocol? They just do that because I do that was critical. Because they were thinking maybe he had something somebody else could catch. What Or he might catch me in the exposed to something as well. And my husband had a bi pap, which meant here. He also had respiratory issues. Okay. When I say a bi pap. That means that the brain sometimes may not give the message for the body to breathe. So Abi Pack would force the air in which again another one of the many co morbidity that he had that are very governor. Good there at her podium with her medical advisor and lied I am. So what's the recourse on president didn't do it. What's the real name? Of course not. President Trump's been on top of this all along so and again. Other governors Air Justus Guilty. Gavin Newsom, Merrick Uomo. Ah, all of it. Well, so to get back to my story, Um, on that occasion when I had complete concerned about not being able to get through on the phone and saying that there were changes and my husband having viewed in through the window with his phone off the hook in his room. Okay. And no way to reach anyone to let them know. You know what? What I was seeing So they're not answering their phone. They're not taking proper care from by even go to his room and noticing the phone's off the hook. This is horn. No, no. So the thing of it is is by the next morning at 8 30 in the morning I live three miles away. I drive there. I call his room from my car. And an aide for the very first time picks up the phone. Okay? And I was shocked, but it was kind of like, okay. That's fine if I raise concerns, and there now watching him, I walked to his room, so I hung up the phone walk to his room. I have to wear a mask, even outside or whatever, because they were imposing all of those many regular Torrey type things on DH. I'm looking through the screen window. Ben, She leaves the room. But upon her leaving, I'm saying Please get me a supervisor. My Jim is looking at me like never you causing trouble or something because he was still somewhat mentally aware I would hope you would be causing trouble. Okay, so she leaves the room. She doesn't come back. I don't want to upset my gym because he got is he contracted this virus Yet? At this point, you still don't know whether you know. He doesn't know if he has it and that we haven't gotten to that point yet. Okay. At that point, she swept the room. I've gone to my car. I'm upset, but I don't want to upset Jim. I pull into a handicap space. Put the placard on the window on DH. I'm thinking, What do I do? Do I call Medicare? Do I call the health department? Well, I get a health department. Livingston, New York. I'm rattled. Okay, but I'm thinking, okay. How do I find a health department here? I'm not trying to be hurtful of the facility to speak without back. You're trying to get through to her husband. We get it. That's correct. That's correct. So at that point to employees come out, and they tell me that I had created a disturbance and that I was loitering, and I had to And I said, call the police. So they called the police two cars. Michigan State troopers come But I have my mouth's gone. I said I'm not mentally ill. I'm not carrying a gun. I'm unarmed. My loved one is here and they're not answering their phones. Okay? And the officer said I will take care of this. My grandmother just died in one of these facilities. So what did you do? So he excused me from from any other further delay and said. Go home. You know, we'll We'll take care of this. So there was nothing more that they you know, there was no further follow up from them and nothing from the facility. I went home called my family. My family. My son lives in California. Okay. 1000 Oaks, California daughter and Southern California, the one in 1000 Oaks. I mean, Arizona. The thing of it is my family was painfully aware. Okay? And I said, Look, I didn't peek in anyone's window other than your dad's window. And yes, I wanted someone to know there was a woman, a nurse, some or an aide sitting in the hallway with a mask on so that I could see across the hall, but she didn't come. She You know, she ignored my presence at the window. So we we? We've only got three minutes or so. Where did where did this go? When your husband contracted this. Did somebody call you and say her husband has the virus and what happened on for 18? My thought my husband was taken back to ST Joe's. He had shown extreme dehydration and arrhythmia. So this facility runs out. This facility wasn't set up to treat anybody for anything Really, And he's just been sort of pushed off there. Then he gets the disease. And they say, no, I'm gonna go back to Saint Joe's. Right upon his admission through the emergency broom. They do a rapid coded German. Yeah, he test positive. What did they offer? Then? In terms of treating this, what do they even say about it? Okay, They take him up to C C u to treat the rapid heart rate in the dehydration. He's there less than 24 hours in the social worker is calling me to tell me that they may be transferring him and I said, I don't know who you are, but it's totally unprofessional for you to contact me. And that was that. So then he is going to be removed from the CC. You And on the 22nd of April. My husband was given an opportunity. They were not going to provide hydroxy clerk Quinn. Andi think and any other. Did you ask about that? Did you ask him? That was not their protocol. Yes, They say it's not our protocol, right? Okay. He was going to be a candidate for convalescent plasma. Through the mail clinic and a nurse Kate Miller had contacted me at home and he would be a candidate for that..

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