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Yosemite national park has now injured two more members of the crew trying to contain, it the wildfires consume more than seventeen thousand acres remains just five percent. Contained as capital public radio's Randall white reports there's concern that thunderstorm activity in the Sierra Nevada could cause dangerous conditions for wild fire Cruise lightning strikes from thunderstorms could make the situation. Worse by sparking additional fires the, storms could also bring gusty winds that could carry embers for several miles further spreading it Richard, Egan with the, Chula vista fire department says he doesn't. Expect the thunderstorms to help with their firefighting efforts three to five inches of rain. To really help with extinguishment on the thing and I don't really see that happening anytime soon Egan says cruiser currently working to keep the Ferguson fire from spreading east towards Yosemite national park for NPR news I'm. Randall white in Sacramento in Thailand the boys rescued from a flooded cave or spending their first full, day home with, their families after being released from the hospital yesterday, actress. Say the boys lost an average of about nine pounds during their ordeal row financial. Markets Asian markets closed lower the Nikkei the main market in Japan down one tenth of a. Percent the hang. Sang in Hong Kong down three tenths of a percent here opean markets are trading mixed Territory at this, hour this is NPR this. Is WNYC in New York morning I'm. Richard Hake six four sixty seven degrees fair skies right now in New York beautiful day coming. Up with sunshine with a high near eighty, degrees immigration advocates say about three hundred detainees have been moved from the southwest, border to. The Albany county, jail in recent, weeks Camille McClure of the New York immigration coalition says it. Appears they were rushed to New York to make more space for families. In detention centers down south These individual riding the Albany county Joe incredibly disoriented, for the most, part we've been having, to draw maps on passing netted states to explain to them where they are they have no paperwork macular says an unusually, cooperative arrangement with the Albany county sheriff has enabled immigrant groups to organize hundreds of volunteer attorneys and interpreters some are trying to connect with family members. But she says these detainees were not separated from children motto haven, residents are speaking out against the new jail proposed for the South Bronx it will be the third detention center in the area Michael Johnson co. Founder of your. Conversation South Bronx unites as the funds. To build the jail would be better spent, on the people who live in the, neighborhood not even the equivalent of income or revenue is being put. Into sustaining, increasing quality of life and educational an income outcomes of our of our residents the city's planning to end up, build, or expand facilities in Manhattan Brooklyn and queens as part of a plan to shut down the overcrowded jail and Rikers island Johnson was on the bright Lehrer show the New York City council unanimously passed. A Bill requiring Airbnb to disclose the names and addresses of hosts, who list their homes with the service as WNYC's Ilya marritz reports it could be a major tool kit for the city The basis of the enforcement system in New York City is a. Complaint driven system where neighbors hear loud noises or they see a lot of suitcases in the hallway and they call to complain and Adam eventually. Gets kicked up to the office of special enforcement and they do inspections upon inspections upon inspections what this Bill would do is basically hand a lot of really useful information to the enforcement agencies without them having to do all those inspections it could. Really turbocharged their efforts to crack down on illegal rentals Beaches along Long Island. South shore are closed after two children or possibly bitten by sharks Suffolk County, police say they, received separate reports, of people bitten off the coast to beaches a, thirteen year old boy was. Bitten while bodyboarding. Off Atlantique on fire island spokesperson for the fire island national seashore which runs sailors haven near the sunken forest about four and a half miles farther east says another person at twelve year old. Girl was bitten while waiting but it's not immediately confirmed to be a shark neither injuries appear to be life. Threatening the waters off the south shore are a breeding ground for several shark species including great whites sunny skies today highs near eighty degrees right. Now sixty seven degrees fair skies in New York this is WNYC.

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